A Warning Sign on Dream Match Buys?

There is a certain sports bar chain, that has locations in 25 or so of the 50 states here in America, that usually shows major ppv fights. The location nearest to Uatu has a 100% record of showing all of the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NCAA football and basketball games. This restaurant has a mixed record for showing ppv's. The major fights they show with no problem. PPV's with Oscar, Mayweather, Roy Jones, and Hopkins are always shown. They don't show mid-level fights like Cotto-Mosley, or small ppv's like Pacquiao-Diaz or JMM's. They did actually show MAB vs. Juarez though. They also show all of the major UFC ppv fights.

In an interesting move, that could be a sign of the economic times, or lack of interest for this fight, or time of the year, or previous business generated to this specific location, or some other unknown reason, they have decided not to show the Dream Match.

So at the very least, in Uatu's location, there is some doubt that the Dream Match is a guaranteed attraction. If this was a 80's-90's Tyson fight, forget about it, it would be shown without a doubt.

There is a local, non-chain sports bar right across the street from Uatu's apartment, that shows most ppv boxing and UFC fights, even the mid-level ones like Cotto-Mosley. Uatu will keep an eye out to see if they show the Dream Match or not.


spartan117 said...

That is interesting because The Dream Match will most certainly have more buys than "Unstoppable", Pavlik v. Hopkins. In this country is Pavlk a bigger name than Manny?

uatu said...

Well, being that I am on the East Coast, that may have something to do with the Pavlik-Hopkins fight being shown. They have shown all of the Hopkins fights in the past. The question is, why have they decided to pass on the Dream Match? Also, if Hopkins were to fight ppv again soon, say before summer, would they pass now on that too?

uatu said...

And, the stardom of Pavlik probably had nothing to do with it. If there was a Pavlik led ppv that is not a major fight, they probably wouldn't show it. They did show Hopkins-Wright and Hopkins-Tarver probably due to Hopkins solely.

uatu said...

Follow up: The bar across the street will be showing the Dream Match which is no surprise.

It doesn't change the fact that the possibility remains that if the Dream Match was a guaranteed seat filler that the chain bar would show it. Of course, the other side is still there, that the bar may not be showing the fight for reasons completely unrelated to fan interest.

So, take it for what it's worth.