Impressive PPV Buys Total for the Dream Match

According to Dan Rafael on espn.com, the Dream Match sold a nice amount of ppv's with a total of around 1.3 million buys. Uatu will have to mildly apologize, as that is a higher total than he expected. But, it is nowhere near the total for the World Awaits.

What can be made of this amount?
Perhaps fans had started to see that Oscar is not what he used to be.
Maybe the economy had fans thinking the fight was no longer worth the money.
Manny may not be as huge of a star as Floyd Mayweather.
Floyd may have made a better B - side as an undefeated, and practically peerless, as well as flamboyant villian with interesting family subplots.
After the one-sided outcome, possibly Manny will become appointment viewing for some fans, with his aggressive and crowd pleasing style and pleasant personality.

Wherever boxing goes from here, from an economic standpoint, it is obvious that Oscar's star power exiting will be missed tremendously.

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