The Dream Match Weigh-In

George Lopez on the mic on HBO.com.
Will monitor ESPN as well.

Shane is on the stage with Buffer.
They are showing press conference videos at the weigh-in to hype the crowd.

ESPN has not started coverage.

George Lopez is cracking some jokes based on "Yes We Can"

Bernard is on the stage. Hatton too.

Lopez killing time.

Looks like a huge and lively crowd in Vegas.

JMM on stage too and another gentleman that doesn't look familiar.

Now Richard is on the mic.

A lot of hyping and time killing.

Lopez just called Richard "boring as sh_t" which was funny.

ESPN just showed a live look-in and went to commercial.

Hatton gets some brief mic time.

Manny is introduced, as the pound-for-pound king.
Oscar introduced, as the ten time champ.
ESPN still at commercial.
Buffer says we are waiting for them.
SC is back.

Kenny and Atlas man the desk.

Manny on the scale first.

Oscar- 145.

and the pose off.

Atlas wants to know what Oscar walks around at to know the effects of his lightest weight in years.

Atlas thinks Manny might even be coming in too heavy.
He doesn't like to see the smaller man bulk up too much and sacrifice speed.

He thinks Oscar's age could hurt him, and his prediction of a ko. Atlas thinks that means Oscar thinks he is in for an easy night. That is a questionable assertion.

He predicts Manny to win. It means more to Manny. Kenny picks Oscar by decision.

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