Recap: The Contender Season 4, Episode 2

This week's show begins with a recap of last week's debut, complete with a voiceover by Tony Danza. Felix Cora Jr. receives a gold boxing glove pendant as a symbol of his first week win, but more importantly, his Blue team has the power to choose both fighters in the second fight of the tournament.

But that power isn't all it's cracked up to be, as the team can't decide who should represent it next. Both Mike Alexander and Alfredo Escalera Jr. make their cases. Alexander also adds some comedy relief as he invades the Gold team's loft to take the mattress that used to belong to Joell Godfrey.

Danza steps into the ring and does some sparring against Jon Schneider, an ex-Marine on the Gold team who is being watched carefully by boxers on the Blue team, who believe he is one of the weak links. Ryan Coyne of the Blue team experiences disaster, as he suffers a nasty cut over his left eye that could mean he'll have to drop out.

Cora's victory gives him the option of slotting himself into any fight in the second round, and he chooses to place himself in the first fight. From this point forward, any winning fighter can place himself into any available slot in the next round, regardless of team affiliation.

The Blue team still can't decide who to send out, so they leave it to a coin flip... which in classic Mark Burnett fashion, we don't get to see. Gold feels like Tim Flamos may be picked from their squad.

Escalera wins the coin flip and calls out Schneider. It looks like a poor match-up for Jon, as he is smaller and less experienced. Gold team trainer Tommy Brooks thinks it will be a slugfest.

Coyne returns with stitches in his eye and announces that he'll be allowed to stay. That adds to the urgency for Escalera to win, as they can delay Coyne's first round fight if their team can hold on to the power of choice.

Both fighters have very specific motivations for entering the tournament. Schneider would like to put Jewish fighters back on the map. Escalera is looking to escape the shadow of his father, who once held the WBC super featherweight title for 10 consecutive defenses before losing it to Alexis Arguello - no shame there!

The arena looks like it holds about 150 people, but at least it's full. The first two rounds are ugly with lots of holding. Schneider comes forward without throwing much, while Escalera lands some big shots that bloody his opponent's nose.

Round Three sees Escalera score a knockdown, though Schneider gets up and shows some heart by continuing to come forward. Brooks states the obvious by telling his fighter he needs a KO to win.

Schneider is bloodied again in the fifth and final round, but he battles all the way to the final bell. The scores come back 50-44 and 49-45 twice, all for Escalera.

The Gold team looks pretty depressed as they are already down two men. Schneider says he feels like his friends and family should be proud of him, as he left it all in the ring. He hangs up his gloves and heads out the big metal doors for the final time.

Next week: Team Gold is unimpressed with Escalera despite his win. Coyne doesn't let his injured eye stop him from starting some trouble in the gym. And the third fight of the season is the most explosive one so far, at least according to Danza!

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