Live Tarver-Dawson Updates Tonight; Delayed Peter-Klitschko Updates Too

Showtime offers up a pair of championship outs tonight, with one live and the other tape-delayed. Since the BoxingWatchers don't have access to a live feed of the Samuel Peter-Vitali Klitschko fight we'll be seeing that several hours after the fact just like other viewers.

So here's the deal: if you don't have Showtime, bookmark us here for live round by round updates when Chad Dawson versus Antonio Tarver. And we'll do the Peter-Klitschko fight "virtually live,' meaning we'll cover it the same way we would a live fight, just to stay sharp.

Join me, Spartan117 and perhaps the mysterious Uatu tonight - the third best thing to seeing the fights live or watching them on TV!


Tom said...

hello all, as ever your commentary is much appreciated. It's 1.30 in the afternoon where I am in New Zealand - any ideas on what time it'll be here when Tarver-Dawson kicks off?

The Franchise said...

Hi Tom,

The telecast comes on here around 9 at night, so I think it will be around 2 in the afternoon for you. I'm not sure if they are showing Tarver-Dawson or the taped coverage of Peter-Klitschko first.