Round By Round: Ronald Hearns vs. Paul Clavette

From the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada.

Based on the black bars on the side of the screen, this is not in HD.

Clavette is fighting in his first ten rounder.

Ronald Hearns coming into the ring with his father and some absurdly slow ballad music. Perhaps it is inspirational. It has a gospel sound to it. This a long, slow, protracted walk-in by Hearns.

Under Quebec rules, the three knockdown rule is in effect. That is not often seen.

And away we go.

Round 1

Both sides jabbing. Right to the body by Hearns. Clavette is a mover. Clavette moving in but getting hit on the outside. Clavette doesn't look to be here just to lay down. Hearns gets a warning for hitting behind the head. Nice strong rights from Hearns. Decent Hearns combo. Hearns walking Clavette down. All Hearns.

Uatu: Hearns 10-9

Round 2

Uatu believes the color man for this fight is Steve Farhood. Hearns throwing the stronger shots. Steve believes Hearns' power is already discouraging Clavette. Jabs and rights from Hearns. Clavette every once in awhile lands a little something, but nothing to get excited about.

Uatu: Hearns 10-9

Round 3

Uatu also believes that Nick Charles is doing the play-by-play. Clavette comes out aggressive. Clavette is throwing hard shots but not landing so much. Clavette gets in two lefts. Round turning Hearn's way. Clavette getting aggressive again. Hearns throwing hard rights. May have won him the round down the stretch.

Uatu: Hearns 10-9

Round 4

Announcing is way more focused on Hearns, presumably since he's the bigger name. Hearns wobbles Clavette but he doesn't go down. Announcers speculate that it was just a slip. Some nice big left hook action from Hearns. Hearns going body and head. He appears stronger and is outgunning Clavette. When they trade, Hearns gets the better of it. Hearns has the strength and athletetic advantage but he is a work in progress still. Clavette gets in a hard shot but it is not enough.

Uatu: Hearns 10-9

Round 5

Since this is ShoBox, being a work in progress is no crime. That's pretty much the point of the show. Not much excitement this round so far. Hearns staying away and jabbing. Some more clinching this round too. Hearns forces Clavette back with four hard straight shots. One-two from Hearns. Big shots from Hearns to close the round in combination.

Uatu: Hearns 10-9

Round 6

Announcers want Hearns to close the show and so does Uatu. So far though Clavette has shown himself to be sturdy, Jabs, jabs, jabs. Some wrestling. Big left hook from Hearns. Big rights from Hearns. Hearns battering away in the corner and Clavette is forced to take a knee! Clavette running to try to stay in it. Clavette gets another sort of standing eight-type knockdown with no actual falling down. One more knockdown and it's over. Hearns coming on and on and the ref stops it! Hearns TKO in Round 6!

Hearns is worth keeping an eye on. He has gifts. Still very raw though.

The announcers had said during the fight that he had very little experience.

It may take him longer than other fighters his age to get to the top.

Steve thinks a fighter with a strong chin that keeps on coming will give Hearns some problems, like a John Duddy.

Hearns interestingly is already 29 years old.

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