Kelly Pavlik Profile on ESPN's E:60

Uatu has just seen that a profile will be done on the Ghost on tonight's E:60. He will report on how it goes down.

No surprise here, but it looks like it will focus on his relationship with Youngstown.

The pitch from Jeremy Schaap says that Pavlik has stayed in Youngstown despite his wealth and fame.

"Youngstown is where the American Dream has gone to die."

The people love Pavlik because of his fighting style and the fact that everyone in the town needs some sort of good news.

They interview some of the locals, and show the steel mill that Mr. Pavlik used to work in.

They show Kelly's gym and Jack Loew.

They show some vintage footage of Pavlik fighting local shows on the way up.

Interview with Ray Mancini. Mancini goes into some of the reasons Pavlik was avoided on the way up.

Pavlik considered retiring but his parents convinced him to stay with it.

Leading up to his first fight with Jermain Taylor. (where franchise and spartan were in attendance)

Of course, Taylor beat him up first, but Pavlik recovered and knocked Taylor out.

Pavlik remains unchanged.
Before fights he sleeps on his parents' couch and trains in the same place.

Why would he take this fight with Bernard Hopkins?
Schaap says that there are a lot of big names out there and Youngstown is excited for the fight. He didn't really answer the question.

ESPN of course did a great job with the production values of the piece. Schaap got all of the facts and details correct. ESPN almost always screws up some aspect of boxing stories up.

Overall: There was absolutely zero new ground covered for anyone who has watched any of the zillion pieces that HBO has done on Pavlik, such as the latest Countdown show this weekend. However, it was very well done, and the Pavlik story is a good one. Everytime they show his connection to Youngstown, it always comes off as 100% authentic.
So, it is more great exposure on the number one sports news outlet in the country.

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