Boxing After Dark Quick Recaps: Gamboa vs. Ramirez, Angulo vs. Tsurkan, Martinez vs. Bunem

Gamboa vs. Ramirez was a wide swinging, fast paced affair. Ramirez dominated the first round and scored a knock down with a quick right hook - though when we saw the replay, Gamboa was actually hit with an accidental elbow. The ref didn't see and Ramirez won the first round.

In round two, Gamboa rocked Ramirez with quick combinations and dropped him twice with uppercuts. Ramirez didn't make it up by the end of the 10 count.

In the fight between Angulo and Tsurkan, Angulo destroyed Tsurkan for nine rounds. Both our cards and Harold Lederman's card had Angulo winning all nine rounds. In the middle of the final round, commentator Jim Lampley lowered his microphone and pleaded with Tsurkan to go down from the punches so that he would not be seriously injured. It seemed as if Tsurkan's corner heard his plea and threw in the towel. Both Lennox Lewis and Max Kellerman thought that the ref should have stopped the action much earlier than the ninth round.

In the first fight between Martinez and Bunema, Martinez won by late round stoppage.

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