More Interesting News: Nate Campbell Declares Bankruptcy

Nate Campbell is one of the best and most exciting fighters in the world regardless of weight and one of the BoxingWatchers' favorite fighters. So Uatu is going to look at this news with a glass half-full approach.

Uatu is no bankruptcy expert, but based on what ESPN's Dan Rafael is reporting, Campbell's existing contract with Don King is currently dead. The article also reports that this means that Nate is free to sign with anyone.

There are so many great, big $ opportunities out there for Campbell, so here's hoping he cashes in big time. He is never in a bad fight. And he can beat just about anyone from 130-140, in Uatu's opinion.

Some of these are more likely than others, some bring more money than others, but here are a bunch of people that Campbell can fight and Uatu would want to see them all:

Juan Diaz II
Casamayor II

So whoever signs Nate Campbell, get him in the ring ASAP in a big fight. He deserves the fights, not just because he got ripped off by Joan Guzman, but because he will not disappoint when it comes to entertainment, heart, and skill.

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