BoxingWatchers.com Boxer Power Rankings: September 2008

Welcome to another edition of our pseudo-scientific boxer rankings. Though Uatu has distanced himself from this list in favor of his own (and perhaps he'll grace us with another update soon) this is an attempt to quantify which boxers have done the best over the last three years - in this case, from the end of September 2005 through the end of September 2008.

Though there isn't too much movement from last month, the next two months could shake up these rankings substantially as a host of boxers on the list take to the ring.

Here goes nothing...

1. David Haye - 24.15 - He'll finally start losing points at the end of this month as one of his wins will "expire." Fortunately for him, he's found an opponent for his first foray into the heavyweight division in Monte "Two Gunz" Barrett, and the two will square off in November.

2. Kelly Pavlik - 23.03 - The more I think about it, the more I dislike The Ghost's chances against Bernard Hopkins on Oct. 18. Of course, if Father Time shows up to aid Pavlik, maybe The Executioner finally goes down for the count.

3. Wladimir Klitschko - 21.00 - Wlad haters will be watching in December, because at least on paper, he's fighting someone who has a chance to beat him in undefeated Alexander Povetkin.

4. Arthur Abraham - 19.29 - King Arthur is actually fighting tonight against mandatory challenger Raul Marquez. I'm sure his people will again reach out to Pavlik's people after he wins, and they will once again respectfully decline to face him.

5. Manny Pacquiao - 17.28 - Lots of people voting on BoxingWatchers.com seem to think Manny can upset Oscar De La Hoya. I'm worried about what will happen when the much bigger Golden Boy lands the left hook.

6. Antonio Margarito - 16.00 - Right now the plan seems to be for Tony to defend his title once in the first quarter of 2009, then look for a rematch with Miguel Cotto in the summer. And once again, that will be one to watch for all real fight fans.

7. Nate Campbell - 13.67 - Currently inactive through no fault of his own after Joan Guzman pulled out of their fight. Here's hoping he can find a good fight soon.

8. Andre Berto - 13.67 - Berto doesn't score a lot of points for some of his wins under our scoring system thanks to substandard opposition, but he's racked up enough of them to make his first appearance on this list. He's still lacking a fight that definitively puts him on the map, but he's young enough that he's got plenty of time to find it.

9. Juan Diaz - 12.70 - The Baby Bull bounced back from his defeat to Campbell by beating Michael Katsidis. I wouldn't mind seeing him fight the Galaxxy Warrior again.

10. Israel Vazquez - 12.13 - Seems to be preparing for a return to the ring this coming spring. Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports suggests Jorge Arce is a possible opponent.

The next 7: Cristian Mijares, Paul Williams, Chris John, Joe Calzaghe, Chad Dawson, Miguel Cotto, Juan Manuel Marquez

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uatu said...

Perhaps Paul Williams should be higher. Two first round ko's! Most fans are probably going to be more interested in his next fight over Berto's next fight.