Guzman vs. Soto Predictions

Uatu always wishes to wait until after the weigh-in before analyzing a fight, just to wait and see if any additional insight can be gleaned from it. Unfortunately, in this case, it doesn't appear that any new info has emerged. They both came in slightly over and both made it after that with no problem. It is a good thing that this site is called BoxingWatchers and not BoxingWagerers as this is another tough one to predict. Guzman has a lot of skills and flash, but honestly the last time Uatu watched him, Guzman fought cautiously and somewhat boringly. He did not appear to have a ton of mustard on his punches either. Soto is most famous for being the first to beat Rocky Juarez and more recently dispatching Bobby Pacquiao. Can Guzman stay away from Soto the whole fight and still win? Hey, it worked for the brush, Casamayor. Can Soto land enough cleanly to win? Uatu indicates yes. Soto UD12

The Franchise says...

Just like last week, I'm forced to pick a fight featuring one of my personal favorites, in this case Guzman. In terms of raw skills, I don't think Soto - or most boxers for that matter - can match Guzman. If this one becomes a slugfest or a battle of wills in any way, though, the edge definitely goes to Soto. I'm going to go with my heart over my head a little bit and predict that Guzman is able to make the fight go his way, staying outside and preventing Soto from forcing the issue. No way Guzman scores the KO, so I'll say Guzman UD12.

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