JMM vs. Pac-man gets the greenlight

Uatu was watching ESPNNEWS when the ticker across the bottom said that Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao have agreed to a rematch for March 15 in Las Vegas.

The Franchise says...

This fight was highly rumored, and it sure seems like a people wanted it to get done. And why not? The first meeting between the two fighters settled nothing, though it wasn't without its excitement. Marquez weathered an early storm from Pacquiao, then proceeded to out-box him the rest of the way. Even though Pac-Man is a BoxingWatchers.com favorite (full disclosure: the entire staff here is part Filipino!), if pressed I'd even say JMM deserved the decision and Manny was lucky to come away with a draw.

That might suggest that Marquez would be favored in a rematch, but I'm not so sure. He won't be facing the same Pac-Man this time around - Manny is especially improved defensively, as last time out his entire defense centered around bobbing his head from side to side. He's also a little less likely to throw caution to the wind in the first round, knowing his power can break people down over time just as effectively as it can in a sudden burst. Erik Morales will certainly verify this.

In any case, we'll be waiting anxiously for this one. Now if we can just get out to Vegas to watch it live...

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