Cotto vs. Mosley Predictions

Mosley vs. Cotto - Mosley is bigger and wins. Uatu remembers as Cotto was coming up that many writers believed he was in a bad position as far as body type and weight goes. The jump from 140 to 147 is a large jump. He can't make 140, he might be too short and stocky for the elite of 147. Mosley UD 12 if Cotto remains standing or TKO late. Does Cotto seem like the type to just try and survive? Probably not. Mosley TKO11

Margarito vs. Johnson - Margarito KO7

Casamayor vs. Armando Santa Cruz - The brush goes down. JASC UD 12

Ortiz vs. Maussa - Uatu is unsure. Boxing writers are huge on Ortiz. Ortiz UD 12

The Franchise says...

Mosley is a personal favorite of mine, so I wanted to make sure I was making my call with my head and not my heart. Sugar Shane seems pretty comfortable at 147, and even though Cotto is a big puncher - especially to the body - Mosley has been in with some heavy hitters before and come out OK. Even though Cotto is younger, it's quite possible that Shane will have better hand speed. Strength is probably a toss-up. It's hard to picture either man getting knocked out, so I'm going with Mosley in a close, possibly split decision.

The rest of the card...

Margarito KO Johnson
Casamayor UD Armando Santa Cruz
Maussa UD Ortiz

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