Margarito v. Johnson - LiveBlog

Hope everyone is enjoying the pay-per-view so far. Things almost have to pick up after Joel Casamoyor's rather uninspired effort in his fight against Jose Armando Santa Cruz. Of course we all know that when the judges are involved, anything can happen. JASC was far from impressive, but he deserves to be The Ring Magazine World Lightweight Champion. Nothing more needs to be added to that.

We won't be doing a true round by round for the Margarito-Johnson fight, but I will be doing a LiveBlog with some commentary as the fight unfolds. I'll add comments from Uatu and Spartan117 as they come in. Hit refresh often to get our updated thoughts.

I'm very interested to see how Margarito looks coming off his loss to Paul Williams. He just wasn't able to do the things he wanted to against The Punisher.

This might not last long. Two knockdowns already. Let's see if Johnson can hold on...

Johnson down again with about 24 seconds left in the round and that's all she wrote. That was exactly the kind of show Margarito needed to put on, not just to get some momentum back toward some bigger fights, but to get some confidence back.

Watching the first knockdown again, Tony connected with two consecutive uppercuts and a straight right. The second knockdown came when Johnson took a knee after getting strafed against the ropes. The end came thanks to punishing lefts to the head and body.

I'm always skeptical of the CompuBox numbers, but I believe this stat: of 60 punches Margarito landed, only one was a jab. Looked like it from here.

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