Round By Round: Vargas vs. Mayorga

Hi fight fans, we're picking this one up in progress due to technical difficulties. Hit refresh often to get the latest.

I'm going it alone as the rest of the BoxingWatchers.com staff is in Michigan visiting family for the holidays. Uatu has indicated Mayorga by KO while Spartan117 is calling for a Mayorga KO in the eighth.

I can tell you that Mayorga scored a knockdown in the first round. I scored it:

Rd. 1: Mayorga 10-8
Rd. 2: Mayorga 10-9
Rd. 3 Vargas 10-9

Rd. 4

Wild left to the body by Mayorga. Big right by Vargas. More body work by Mayorga. Lots of standing right in front of each other. Vargas tries a right and they tie up. 1-2 by Mayorga. Vargas with a combo and an uppercut. Mayorga back to the body and misses upstairs. Good trading at the end of the round with Vargas getting the better of it.

The Franchise scores it: Vargas 10-9

Rd. 5

Vargas knocks Mayorga back with a right. He's scoring to the head while Mayorga concentrates on the body. Mayorga warned for hitting behind the head. He goes back to the body. Right knocks Vargas off-balance. They trade in the center but Vargas isn't as active this round. Mayorga with a good flurry at the bell and he may have won it on activity level alone.

The Franchise scores it: Mayorga: 10-9

Rd. 6

Vargas trying to box a little; Mayorga still going forward. Good jab by Vargas as Mayorga shrugs and nods. Both guys go to the body and Vargas lands upstairs. A lot of tie-ups this round. Vargas lands two rights as Mayorga tries to fire back. Two big rights by Mayorga, now Vargas lands a series of rights. Mayorga tries to steal it at the end but Vargas blocks most of it and throws his own cleaner shots back.

The Franchise scores it: Vargas 10-9

Rd. 7

Mayorga slow to leave his corner to start this round. Mayorga scores with a pair of rights. Vargas' D is improved but Mayorga hits another right. Left uppercut by Vargas. Mayorga really stepping into his rights and 1-2 combos this round. Left hook to the body by Mayorga. The announcers are impressed with Mayorga's discipline. More rights coming over the top of Vargas' guard. No stealing this round as they tie up.

The Franchise scores it: Mayorga 10-9

Rd. 8

It should be a Vargas round the way this has gone. He's more assertive early. Mayorga showboats and then lands. Vargas able to land a few jabs but not much else. Vargas having trouble with his left eye, perhaps. Combo lands from Mayorga. Jab by Mayorga and just misses with a right. Now Vargas lands some shots but he can't trap Mayorga against the ropes. Left by Vargas and Mayorga forced to hold on. Mayorga lands after the bell and the crowd doesn't like it. Toughest round to score so far.

The Franchise scores it: Mayorga 10-9

Rd. 9

Mayorga returns to his body attack. Vargas trying to come in behind his jab. Good combo and multiple jabs by Vargas. Good left hook by Vargas. Now they stand and trade a bit. Mayorga looks a little tires and/or hurt this round. Combo by Vargas. Mayorga digs with an uppercut. Vargas landing with both hands. Mayorga is game and now it is a brawl. Mayorga dances but he is losing this round.

The Franchise scores it: Vargas 10-9

Rd. 10

Vargas looking confident now. Not sure what the ref is warning about now. Mayorga flurry but not all land. Both men a little wilder right now. Mayorga gets the better of an exchange. Left by Vargas. Right by Mayorga. Double left by Vargas. Vargas stalks but Mayorga escapes. Very close round.

The Franchise scores it: Vargas 10-9

Rd. 11

Have to say this has been surprisingly entertaining. Right by El Matador. Vargas lands to the body. Jabs keeping Mayorga back. Mayorga multiple body shots. Vargas left hook and misses a right. Mayorga combo but misses the uppercut. Right and a left by Vargas. Left hook by Vargas. Big right by Mayorga. Wow! Knockdown right at the end of the round by Mayorga - right hand just caught Vargas backing up. Vargas was winning the round until that happened.

The Franchise scores it: Mayorga 10-8

Rd. 12

Is Vargas hurt? He didn't look good between rounds. Mayoga dancing a lot - his corner told him he has the fight. Vargas scoring with some jabs but not much else. Mayorga raising his hand a lot and Vargas not really making him pay. Vargas will need a KO now and it doesn't look like he will get it. He backs Mayorga up but El Matador escapes. Jabs both ways. Mayorga falls to his knees after one last exchange. Vargas probably won that round but he shouldn't win the fight.

The Franchise scores it: Vargas 10-9

The Franchise scores it 114-112 for Mayorga. The judges score it 113-113 and 114-112, 115-111 for Mayorga.

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