BoxingWatchers.com Boxing Power Rankings - November 2007

  1. Kelly Pavlik -23.90 - If knocking out an undefeated champion who had beaten some serious competition gets you to the top of this list, it's working the way we want it to. If The Ghost scores another KO in a rematch, he should stay up here.
  2. Miguel Cotto - 23.65 - He has his doubters, but you can't knock the results. A decisive victory over Shane Mosley could win over some more fans.
  3. Manny Pacquiao - 17.65 - His last fight against Marco Antonio Barrera lacked the usual Pac-Man thrills, but another showdown with Juan Manuel Marquez could bring them right back.
  4. Wladimir Klitschko - 17.17 - It took a few years, but it seems like Klitschko may have stabilized his place atop the heavyweight division. If only there was some more compelling competition waiting for him...
  5. Juan Diaz - 17.09 - So young, so good. Are there any challenges left for the Baby Bull at lightweight?
  6. Israel Vazquez - 16.30 - Avenged his loss to Rafael Marquez in impressive fashion.
  7. Paul Williams - 15.82 - The Punisher's height and activity level are entertaining as hell to watch. It should be a treat when he faces Kermit Cintron.
  8. Ricky Hatton - 15.10 - We'll be learning a lot more about Hatton very soon. A victory over Pretty Boy Floyd would catapult him up this list.
  9. Floyd Mayweather Jr. - 14.40 - Speaking of PBF, he'd also be moving up with a decisive win on December 8. I don't mind typing nice things about him if he deserves them.
  10. Joe Calzaghe - 14.17 - Showed a good chin and a lot of craftiness against Mikkel Kessler. But could he really beat Bernard Hopkins?

The Next 7: Chad Dawson, Shane Mosley, Chris John, Juan Manuel Marquez, Rafael Marquez, Kermit Cintron Jermain Taylor

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