De La Hoya v Pacquiao LiveBlog: The Undercard

The first undercard fight of the night is Daniel Jacobs against Victor Lares at super middleweight. Lares is 14-3 with 3 KOs. Jacobs is 12-0 with 11 KOs. He has 8 first round KOs!

Jacobs starts using good technique but definitely looking for the KO. Lares is fighting fairly well but clinching a lot. Jacobs rocks Lares in the first round with a mean right hook and knocks Lares stumbling. Lares holds on to make it out of the first. Jacobs showcases his defense and blocks almost all of Lares punches in the beginning of the second round. Lares continues to clinch. Lares takes a rough barrage in the middle of the second round and takes a knee. He makes it up by the count of 8 but referee Jay Nady calls it.

Daniel Jacobs wins by KO in the 2nd round.


The second fight is at Junior Featherweight between Sergio Medina who's record is 33-1 with 8 KOs and Juan Manuel Lopez who is 23-0 with 21 KOs. It is for the WBO championship.

Juan Manuel Lopez destroyed Sergio Medina in the first half of the first round. Lopez rocked Medina with hard combos. Medina went down to a right hook but made it up by 8. Medina went down again without a punch landing. It looked like he went down out of fear. Lopez knocked Medina down for a final time and the ref calls a stop to the action.

Juan Manuel Lopez wins by TKO in the 1st round and retains the WBO Junior Featherweight


The last undercard is at Junior Welterweight and is between Victor Ortiz and Jeffrey Resto. Resto's record is at 22-0 with 13 KOs and Ortiz is 22-1-1 with 17 KOs. Ortiz is the NABO Junior Welterweight champion.

Both fighters are southpaws which makes the fight interesting. Ortiz has great hand speed. Ortiz drops Resto in the first half of round 1 with a straight left hand. He makes it up but the hand speed is too much. Ortiz drops him again this time with a right hand. Resto makes it. Ortiz rocks Resto and it looked like it might have been called after a big combo from Ortiz but Resto makes it out of the first round.

Ortiz is really pouring it on in the second round. Resto is spending most of his time against the ropes. Resto crumbles again in the second round after receiving a hard combination from Ortiz. The calls a stop to the fight.

Victor Ortiz wins by TKO in the 2nd round and retains the NABO Junior Welterweight title

It is interesting to see one of the biggest fights of the decade getting one of the worst undercards of any pay per view in recent memory.

Update: Jim Lampley has confirmed that Manny and Oscar are not contractually obligated to come out until 11 pm EST. So if you're looking for main event coverage, we've still got a little bit of a wait.


uatu said...

As was to be expected. Some nice exposure for Jacobs on the way up.

Nick Tylwalk said...

I like the fact that Jacobs has fought 12 times this year! I know I've seen him fight at least two other times...

uatu said...

That's an amazing stat!

uatu said...

Wow, that was quick. Every writer and commentator loves JuanMa Lopez.

Nick Tylwalk said...

I really need to see him with someone with some talent in his next fight before I join the parade. He was impressive against Daniel Ponce de Leon, but I always thought that guy was a bit overrated.

Nick Tylwalk said...

By the way, I doubt DLH and Pac Man have to come out until at least 11 EST, so unless the Ortiz fight goes the distance, Jim Lampley and company are going to earn their money filling tonight.

Nick Tylwalk said...

It bears mentioning that Lampley confirmed that Manny and Oscar do not have to come to the ring until 11 pm EST. So we've still got about half an hour to go...