BoxingWatchers.com Boxer Power Rankings - August 2008

The dog days of summer were just that for the sport of boxing. August offered few fights of consequence among the top names, and few televised fights of any kind outside of the thoroughly unsatisfying Olympic variety.

Thus, don't expect too much movement in our monthly look at who's done the best over the last three years or so. Any risers and fallers came about primarily because of inactivity, plus a tweak I made to the point system to more properly punish boxers who get knocked out as opposed to losing by decision. Insert the usual disclaimer about how this is NOT a pound-for-pound list here.

On to the rankings:

1. David Haye - 24.15 - So, um, David. If you want to get on with making a splash in the heavyweight division, it may help if you found yourself someone to fight. Also it may help if it's someone half-decent, because the Nov. 15 date you have your eye on already has an HBO card featuring Jermain Taylor and Jeff Lacy.

2. Kelly Pavlik - 23.03 - The world is still waiting somewhat anxiously, I guess, for Pavlik to face Bernard Hopkins in October. Kelly will have to score a KO for Bernard to admit he lost, I'm sure.

3. Wladimir Klitschko - 23.00 - Wlad has nobody scheduled right now, but he's certain to be in brother Vitali's corner in October when he takes on Samuel Peter.

4. Manny Pacquiao - 20.61 - Freak show or legitimate bout? Opinions seem to be split on whether or not Pacman has a chance against the much bigger Oscar De La Hoya in December. Given Manny's skills, it's probably a mistake to count him out altogether.

5. Arthur Abraham - 19.29 - If he gets past Raul Marquez and Pavlik defeats Hopkins, will we see the world's two best middleweights square off in 2009? Here's hoping.

6. Antonio Margarito - 16.00 - I'm not sure most fans wanted to see him take on Josh Clottey again, but that appears to be what we're getting. Clottey is tough, but I wouldn't bet against the Tijuana Tornado knocking him out this time.

7. Miguel Cotto - 15.07 - No word yet on the next opponent for Cotto. I like him to bounce back against just about anyone not named Margarito.

8. Nate Campbell - 13.67 - The Ring's lightweight championship is on the line elsewhere on the same night, but the real battle for 135 supremacy is likely to be fought between Campbell and Joan Guzman on Sep. 13. There's been enough trash-talking between the two men and their camps to think it's personal as well.

9. Israel Vazquez - 12.13 - Vazquez is sliding in our poll as he's gone six months without fighting, and all still appears quiet on the Magnifico front.

10. Chris John - 11.72 - Guess what? Still haven't seen him fight.

The next 7: Cristian Mijares, Juan Diaz, Joe Calzaghe, Ricky Hatton, Samuel Peter, Paul Williams, Nonito Donaire


uatu said...

How can Haye possibly be #1? Is he being rewarded for not having fought in awhile? Shouldn't he be punished for not fighting?

Nick Tylwalk said...

Simple. In the last three years - which is the time period that each set of rankings cover - Haye is 8-0 with 7 KO's. Yes, his quality of opposition may have been somewhat questionable, but since this is somewhat of a mathematical set of power rankings, all we have to go on is his opponents' records when he fought them. The combined records of his opponents' last six fights before he fought them was 45-3. So from an objective standpoint, they weren't stiffs.

That being said, if he continues to be inactive, or if his opponent in November isn't that great, he will drop. No worries.

uatu said...

Enzo Maccarinelli and Jean Marc Mormeck were both very well respected opponents. Mormeck was the champ and EnzoMac was the number one contender, and Haye knocked them both out. So he gets credit for that. Everything before that is sort of lesser known, and he hasn't fought now in half a year. So credit he deserves just maybe not number 1.