Casamayor-Marquez/Mora-Forrest Undercard LiveBlog

Before tonight's double main event there are 2 undercard matches.  The first is a suppermiddleweight fight between Danny Perez who's notible losses are two fights against Margarito, and Julio Garcia.  Apparently they didn't know about this fight until last Friday.  Perez is 31 years old and has a record of 32-5.  Garcia is 21 years old with a staggering record for his age of 41-3.

These two start the fight going for a knockout.  Neither fighter looks conditioned to go the distance so if there's no knockout this fight will probably end up slowing down getting sloppy.  Perez looks like the better technical boxer and also slightly better conditioned.  Garcia looks like he burned himself out in the first round not doing much in the second.  

Garcia looks well rested as he ups his punching output as the fight progresses.  There have been a lot of accidental head clashing happening throughout the fight.  In round 4 the action had to stop because both fighters were bothered by an accidental headbutt.  

Garcia has a horrible punch connection ration of 10-61.  He looks to be going for the knockout.  Perez is clearly convincingly winning the rounds on points.  Garcia is landing a lot more power shots as this fight moves forward.  but Lopez keeps shaking his head after every shot lands.  Note that the fans and commentators are not very into this lackluster fight.  The audience, which is only at half capacity, started booing in the 9th.

Down the stretch in the 10th round there was a sense of urgency from both fighters.  Perez is landing most of the heavy bombs.  Perez should have this fight in the bag.
Judge 1: 100-90
Judge 2: 99-91
Judge 3: 97-93
Perez wins a unanimous decision.

Between undercard fights, the event's MC, Mario Lopez, has an interview Pauli Malignaggi.  Pauli talks about his press conference announcing his upcoming bout with Ricky Hatton.  He says, of course, that he's ready but talks mostly about his new haircut and how his old haircut get in his eyes during his last fight.  Mario Lopez states that Malignaggi is quite articulate and was regaling him with some great stories.

The second undercard is a junior welterweight fight between Roberto Arrieta who is 30-13 and Victor Ortiz who is 21-1.  Arrieta was heavily booed when announced so there must be a lot of Ortiz fans in the crowd.  

Ortiz is heavily favored but Arrieta looks like he came to fight in the beginning of the bout.  Arrieta is putting on more pressure but Ortiz is doing a good job counter punching.  Ortiz comes out in the second round and drops Arrieta with a lightning fast straight.  Arrieta easily makes it up before the 10 count and now both fighters are throwing serious leather.  Ortiz has very good defense and is doing a great job getting out of the way of Arrieta's fists.  

Ortiz is totally outboxing Arrieta in this fight.  His punches are faster and are landing at a much higher percentage.  Ortiz drops Arrieta in the 4th by a vicious straight.  Now there is a huge cut over the eye of Arrieta.  Ortiz is pouring on the punishment and looks to the ref to see if he's interested in stopping the fight.  Ortiz continues to bash Arrieta in the 5th round and knocks him down again halfway through.  Arrieta gets up but the ref stops the fight.

Ortiz wins by TKO in the 5th

Mario Lopez now interviews Ricky Hatton.  He of course talks about his fight with Malignaggi.  He says his training with Floyd Mayweather Sr.  is going very well and that Mayweather Sr. is busy but he's doing a great job training him.  He says he's ready for his fight and he can't wait.

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