Campbell-Guzman Fight is Off

I was looking forward to doing round by round for the lightweight clash between Nate Campbell and Joan Guzman, but at the top of the Showtime telecast, it was announced that due to trouble making weight and "health issues" for Guzman, the fight has been canceled.

That leaves the Timothy Bradley-Edner Cherry fight as the centerpiece of tonight's show-not the best of circumstances for Showtime. We've been promised more details in the broadcast.

UPDATE:Guzman never made weight and did not return to the scale two hours after the initial weigh-in for a second attempt. He said through his translator last night that he's not sure how it happened-perhaps due to a supplement. Asked if it would be safe for him to fight, Guzman said he'd try to do it.

The Showtime crew repeats reports that Guzman came into camp over 30 pounds overweight, and it was decided that it wasn't safe for him to fight.

Campbell says he would have fought him overweight and he's very disappointed. He has an IBF mandatory, but he feels like he'll go back to the drawing board and doesn't care who he fights. Nate also says he doesn't have his check and he's sure that will be the next fight. He closes by saying he has nothing to say to Guzman, just that he fulfilled his end of the bargain and everyone can see what happened.

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