Round By Round: Paul Williams vs. Andy Kolle

The main event of the Fight Night on Versus card from San Jacinto, California pits Paul "The Punisher" Williams against Andy Kolle. The undercard was devoid of much drama, and though it doesn't appear that this fight is too dangerous for Williams, it is his first fight at middleweight.

Kolle is making a big step up in competition taking this fight, though he has been a middleweight for his whole career. The announcers say he hung with Andre Ward for a while before that fight was stopped for cuts. The tale of the tape shows them very close together in age and height, but Williams has a large reach advantage - as he often does.

Jimmy Lennon Jr. handles introductions for both men and everything is set for a scheduled ten rounds of boxing.

Round 1

Williams throws jabs to establish the range. Kolle gets popped with two left hands early on. He throws a few jabs back but Williams got his attention. Double jab by Williams, then a big combo that knocks Kolle underneath the bottom rope. Right hooks to the body and head did the damage and a left followed home for good measure.

The winner by KO at 1:37 of Round 1... Paul "The Punisher" Williams.

Williams tells Wally Matthews it was all about getting into his rhythm, because he feels unstoppable when that happens. He says his intention is to go back to 147 in November even though he's having trouble finding people to fight there. His trainer says Williams will eventually end up at 160 or even 168, and Paul jumps in and says at 160 he can eat a few more steaks.

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