Round by Round: Barrios vs. Juarez

Uatu here until Spartan takes over for the round by round descriptions.

ESPN is reporting that Amir Khan got knocked out in 54 seconds! A fighter named Bredis Prescott took him out on his own turf.

Right now HBO is running "the Buzz" to promote Hopkins-Pavlik.

And away we go.

Nearly 15,ooo in attendance in Houston. That's a large figure. Impressive.

Barrios is already in the ring. They aren't wasting anytime tonight.
So is Juarez.

Both fighters re-hydrated 16 pounds to 146 for the fight from 130 at weigh-in. Barrios has his usual red/blue and goggles ensemble on.
Juarez is getting a warm hometown reception.
Kellerman promises action.

Round 1:
Early feeling out. Barrios jabbing. Juarez as well. Both patient. As usual Juarez looks noticably shorter. Barrios wings some wild hook attempts to the body. Juarez forces Barrios back to the roepes but didn't land anything. Barrios sort of let him come in. Barrios gets an unofficial warning for a low punch. nice jab by juarez. a little left to body. juarez staying a little more active than his former self. nothing to get excited about either way.

Uatu: Juarez 10-9

Round 2:
lederman went for barrios in round 1. barrios is slightly more aggressive. throwing more combinations than juarez but they aren't landing really. juarez has more traditional technique. a little in fighting both ways. barrios hooks body and head. barrios gets another unofficial warning for low blows. double jab from juarez. it appears barrios is throwing harder. nice uppercut by barrios! great jab by barrios. snapping. serious left hook to body from barrios. barrios throwing more and landing more. juarez does not look worried.

Uatu: Barrios 10-9
Round 3:
Barrios was penalized a point for a low blow.
Uatu: 9 -9

Round 4:
They square up in the center. Juarez tried to lunge forward with a straight right and it knocks Barrios off balance. Barrios comes right back Juarez lands a good left hook. Barrios looks to shake it off. Juares snaps the head of Barrios back with a strong left hook. Barrios looked to be slightly hurt. He did a good just getting out of the way of the punches that followed.

Uatu: Barrios 10-9

Round 5:
Juarez gets knocked back by an uppercut. He staggers but gets back in the middle of the ring. Barrios gets Juarez up against the ropes and fires at will. Juarez looks to be in some trouble but does a good job of blocking most of the punches.

Uatu: Barrios 10-9

Round 6:
Juarez gets to the center of the ring and lands a straight right. Barrios comes back harder and lands combos to the head and body. Barrios is setting up good combos with stiff jabs. Barrios counter punches and lands to the head of Juarez. Barrios gets warned for low blows. Juarez wraps up Barrios and gets some punches in to the kidneys.

Uatu: Juarez 10-9

Round 7
Barrios gets to work early and comes in to throw combos to the head of Juarez. Juarez now back Barrios up in the corner and lands 4 hooks to the head. Juarez isn't throwing much to the body. Barrios is doing a good job mixing up his punches. Barrios is now taking more punishment. He's having more trouble blocking Juarez's head shots.

Uatu: Juarez 10-9

Round 8:
Juarez gets a right hook in to start the round. Juarez lands a solid left straight as Barrios comes in. Juarez lands another hook and backs off Barrios. Juarez is looking sharper as the fight continues. Barrios refuses to back down and fires away and lands in the center of the ring. Barrios is using more foot movement now and keeping Juarez on his toes. Juarez keeps using his jab but doesn't follow with other punches.

Uatu: Barrios 10-9

Round 9:
Juarez starts off the action. Barrios comes back with a combo but it's mostly blocked. Barrios now starts using the uppercut. The punch output has slowed in this round from both fighters. Barrios gets backed against the ropes but fights out of it and lands some good head shots. Barrios loses a point for low blows. That's the second point for him. Barrios gets Juarez backed and lands hard shots. He continues to throw shots that are dangerously close to low blows.

Uatu: 9-9

Round 10:
Barrios seems to be fighting going for the knock out now that he has 2 deducted points. He comes to Juarez swinging for the fences. Barrios is throwing combinations of hooks and uppercuts and lands a good number of them. Now Jurez gets a stiff uppercut. Barrios looks like he has punched himself out and now Juarez capitalizes. Barrios is really stumbling around the ring looking tired. Juarez is really capitalizing now and Barrios is taking serious punishment. Barrios stands up to 4 hooks in a row but stays on his feet.

Uatu: Barrios 10-9

Round 11:
Juarez is now the aggressor, coming forward and throwing for a knockout. Barrios looks like he has some energy back but is still throwing serious haymakers. Barrios looks like he really wants to win this fight. Juarez now lands a hard combination set up by a body shot. Juarez is landing the cleaner shots so far. Barrios looks like he's on the verge of punching himself out again. Juarez capitalizes again and lands a good right and left hook and Barrios looks out of gas. Juarez lands at and huge right hook and Barrios goes down hard. His mouth is bloody mess. He gets up and the ring doctor has to look at. Barrios' cut is too serious to continue. The doctor calls it. It's over.

Juarez wins in the 11th round by TKO

Post-fight note: The cut on Barrios' lip was on of the most serious cuts I have ever seen over my years of watching boxing. The side of mouth was entirely gashed open.

Kellerman asks Juarez how he was able to "get young" again halfway through the fight. Juarez said Barrios kept coming and never slowed down but he was able to slow him down with body shots. He says his game plan from the beginning was to stick to the body. He says Barrios is a very good fighter but he knew he was slow. He says he knew he couldn't lose in front of his home town fans and his family.


uatu said...

That tenth round was a fun round. tons of punches. Lennox Lewis is honestly doing a great job commentating. He is really improving.

uatu said...

juarez cannot throw enough punches. barrios is looking like sam soliman out there. 160 punches in the 10th! Juarez is landing the hard punches down the stretch but man Barrios is thorwing a ton of punches.

uatu said...

wow that was some ending! Juarez really punished him down the stretch. He made his own luck. He cut Barrios baaaadly in the mouth.