Round By Round: Chris Arreola vs. Israel Garcia

It looks like there are good seats still available for Fight Night on Versus from San Jacinto, California. The announce team is billing it as a card featuring two of the most exciting young American fighters, and first up is heavyweight Chris Arreola facing Israel Garcia.

Arreola weighed in at 258 1/2, and Garcia is no small guy either at 246. Arreola also has a slight height advantage. Garcia is over a decade older, which could be good or bad for him. Jimmy Lennon Jr. handles the introductions and we're ready to go.

Round 1

Garcia looks cautious, and with good reason as Arreola pops him with a right. Arreola walks his foe back into the ropes, but he holds his own. Both men try jabs and Arreola just misses with a big right. Two shots to the body set up an uppercut by Arreola. More work along the ropes and another big uppercut lands for Arreola. He's leaning on Garcia and just waiting for his opening. One more big combo and Garcia shows a nice chin if nothing else.

Franchise: 10-9 Arreola
Spartan117: 10-9 Arreola

Round 2

Garcia trying to circle a bit more, which is smart. Arreola steps in against the ropes and they tie up. Arreola thumps with both hands in the center of the ring. He's doing a very nice job setting up the uppercut. Garcia with an uppercut of his own as they trade occasional shots at very close range. Nice combination by Arreola features two uppercuts. Left hook and uppercut but Garcia is still game in the closing seconds.

Franchise: 10-9 Arreola
Spartan117: 10-9 Arreola

Round 3

Vicious lefts to open the round but once again Garcia takes them well. He's coming forward a bit more, but that leads to his downfall. Arreola rains shots down with both hands, and even though Garcia doesn't go down, the ref calls it off. Garcia's corner is apparently unhappy, but he was getting caught with very clean punches and the stoppage was probably for the best. Replay shows two lefts landed in the center of the ring, then shots with both hands that dropped Garcia's hands and got the ref to jump in.

The winner by TKO at 1:11 of Round 3... Chris "The Nightmare" Arreola.

Arreola gives himself a B+ or C- for his performance, feeling that he could have ended it earlier and taken advantage of more openings. Asked about his weight, he still thinks he could have gone ten rounds if necessary. Arrola says he wants to fight a top-10 heavyweight the next time out, and promises to train harder and put down the Doritos for that one.

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