Vic Darchinyan vs. Joseph Agbeko: Predictions

The Franchise says...

Vic Darchinyan has always been a hard-nosed competitor who's been fun to watch both in and out of th ring. But ever since an eight-month stretch that started in July 2007 with his first loss (at the hands of Nonito Donaire) and ending with a lackluster draw to Z Gorres in February 2008, it's like the proverbial light bulb went on for the Raging Bull.

He's shown improved boxing skills to go with his power. He's shown a lot more defensive awareness and ability to control the ring. He's just looked, well, better, and he's stayed as quotable as ever at the same time.

He'll move up in weight this Saturday to take on Joseph "King Kong" Agebeko, a rugged customer with a great chin and plenty of power of his own. He's not one to do much jabbing or setting up shots, preferring to let his straight rights and left hooks speak for themselves.

With that in mind, you can't help but think that this fight will be as hard as Darchinyan makes it. If he goes into it thinking he'll blast Agbeko out early, he may get a little more coming back his way than he'll enjoy.

If Vic takes his time a little bit and allows his superior boxing skills and what I expect will be faster hands to be the difference, I think he'll end up wearing Agbeko out. I'll show some faith in Vic to do just that, and though King Kong has never been knocked out, I feel accumulated damage will allow Darchinyan to emerge with a late-round KO.

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