Boxer Clothing and Gear: Super Six World Boxing Classic Edition

Since we're still a few months away from the beginning of the World Boxing Classic, there's plenty of time left to gear up in support of your favorite super middleweight. That's assuming, of course, that your favorite 168-pounder isn't Lucian Bute. But I digress.

As it turns out, there's a pretty nice selection of t-shirts, clothing and other assorted stuff out there bearing the names and likenesses of Showtime's Super Six. And it's as close as your nearest web-enabled computer, as you're about to see.

Just click on each fighter's name to be headed in the right direction. Some of this I've covered in previous posts on boxer clothing and gear, but some is new.


Mikkel Kessler - The Viking Warrior does not mess around. Kessler's fan shop has t-shirts, hats, hoodies and posters that can be purchased in four different currencies, including my favorite, the Danish krone.

If you're looking for something a little different, Kessler has serigraphs in four different colors. I has to look up the word serigraph, and I don't have an extra four or five thousand kroner on my dresser, but that's the way it goes.

Arthur Abraham - You'd better believe the former middleweight titleholder has his own onlineshop (his spelling). The site can be viewed in English, but some things get a little funky in the translation from German. Maybe not "all your base are belong to us" bad, but definitely off.

I dig the shield logo he uses on a lot of his clothing - very fitting for a fighter nicknamed King Arthur. Some of the more interesting items for sale are Arthur Abraham flip-flops and a fan club membership card that's actually a mini DVD.

Jermain Taylor - You'll notice that Jermain has no link. Once upon a time, there was a JT Store (no, not Justin Timberlake) attached to his official site. That was probably back when he was beating Bernard Hopkins and generally on top of the world.

Now his site has no link to a store and simply says you can email merchandise@jermaintaylor.com if you are interested. Demand is down, I suppose. You can still Google your way in the back door, but buyer beware.

Carl Froch - I'm not sure what happened to The Cobra's official site, because I believe he used to have one. Fortunately the folks at Red Corner Apparel has the foresight to sign Froch to a shirt deal before he knocked out Taylor. That's good timing.

Froch's shirts are currently on sale. Red Corner has also promised a new site and an expanded line of clothing soon, so that's a company worth watching.

Andre Ward - Ward signed earlier this year with Pound 4 Pound Apparel, and he's been getting an increasing number of items in his line as the year goes on. Right now there are S.O.G. tees, hoodies, warm-up jackets, beanies, and even polo shirts. Sharp!

And S.O.G. stands for Son Of God. If you don't know, now you know.

Who's that leave? Only the tournament's young wild card, Andre Dirrell. As far as I can tell, The Matrix has no official site, no clothing, no nothing. Some company get on the stick and sign this kid, because if he ends up winning the tournament, you'll be glad you were in on the ground floor.

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