Joseph Agbeko vs. Vic Darchinyan: Round By Round

After some slight controversy in the co-feature, we're almost ready for tonight's main event on Showtime. Vic Darchinyan moves up a few pounds to bantamweight to take on IBF titleholder Joseph "King Kong" Agbeko.

Jim Gray spoke to Vic earlier and got his opinion about Agbeko talking trash before the belt, something the Raging Bull knows all about. Darchinyan also took exception to Agbeko's antics at the final press conference. He gives a few funny lines about how he always has to hate his opponent while they are in the ring in order to do his job properly.

A video package gives some background on Agbeko, who hails from Ghana but resides in the Bronx. He also was interviewed by Gray and showed a lot of confidence. Agbeko talks about how Darchinyan is a bit of a bully and also speaks about President Obama's visit to Ghana.

Jenn Brown talks about upcoming Showtime programming, mentioning some boxing but focusing on the Carano-Cyborg MMA fight on August 15.

Nate Campbell is on hand to talk to Brown, and he's looking sharp. Campbell doesn't think he needs any redemption, but he's looking forward to not having to cut as much weight since he's 37. He's not worried about the hostile environment fighting Timothy Bradley in California.

Jim Gray talks to Don King about the passing of Michael Jackson. Al Bernstein joins in to discuss the passing of both Alexis Arguello and Arturo Gatti. Jimmy Lennon Jr. introduces a tribute to all three men, with the bell ringing ten times.

Gus Johnson and Bernstein do some promotion for the super middleweight tournament that will be announced on Monday. I still can't believe it's going to happen, but I can't wait.

Bernstein thinks the combined KO percentages of tonight's fighters plus some defensive liabilities for both of them will equal a shootout.

As the challenger, Darchinyan comes to the ring first. He is 32-1 with 26 KOs and is looking for a title in his third weight class. Johnson and Bernstein discuss how he's already thinking about going to 122 if he wins tonight.

Agbeko comes out next, wearing one shiny glove over his boxing glove in an apparent MJ tribute. King Kong is 26-1 with 22 KOs and has never been knocked out.

The tale of the tape shows that both men are basically the same size. Vic actually weighed in a little heavier even though he is the one moving up in weight.

Lennon does the introductions for both men and we are set. It's 12 rounds or less for Agbeko's IBF bantamweight title.

Round 1

Vic wastes no time flying across the ring. Both men showing good early movement. Nice right by Agbeko. Vic pushes him back and closes in. Left by Vic and Agbeko fires right back with a hook. Short punches inside by Vic. A series of left hands connect by Vic, but a right by Agbeko buckles Darchinyan. He fires back with a left. Both men go toe to toe in the closing seconds of the frame.

Franchise: 10-9 Agbeko

Round 2

Vic flicks out the left as he studies Agbeko. The champ keeps his hands up. Right hook by Agbeko starts off a fairly exchange. Not very pretty right now with each guy jumping in. Vic is a little more cautious as he watches out for rights by Agbeko. They trade shots along the ropes and may have butted heads right before the bell as well.

Franchise: 10-9 Darchinyan

Round 3

Darchinyan has a bit of a cut over his left eye. Agbeko jumps in with a right. He goes down to a knee but it's a slip.Another short right connects for the champ. Vic is jabbing but coming up short more often then not. Rights are still scoring for King Kong. Vic chases and tries to land the left. Plenty of wild swings and misses both ways. A brawl breaks out late with no clear advantage.

Franchise: 10-9 Agbeko

Round 4

Agbeko goes to his right hand again. Here comes Vic with a wild left. King Kong's lead right is the dominant punch so far. Clubbing left hook by Agbeko in the center of the ring. Vic still swinging with the left but he can't find the range often enough. More rights from Agbeko and he backs out when necessary. Darchinyan lands some lefts before the bell, but not enough to take that round.

Franchise: 10-9 Agbeko

Round 5

Vic wants to turn it into a brawl but Agbeko is only obliging him on occasion. Right hands to the head and body by the champ. Short one-two by Agbeko and a hook back by Vic. Darchinyan misses two big lefts coming forward. Body work by Agbeko has to be taking a toll too. Nothing doing for Vic in the last ten seconds.

Franchise: 10-9 Agbeko

Round 6

Agbeko still chopping with the right and getting a left hook in there too. Vic reduced to hunting for the home run shot. Now Vic tries some jabs but can't land them. Agbeko has just enough movement to get out of trouble. Another body shot by King Kong and the ref has to tell them to watch the holding and hitting.

Franchise: 10-9 Agbeko

Round 7

Press row has it closer than I do and Jake Donovan has it even. Left to the body by Agbeko. He tries more shots but misses. Straight left by Vic. He's dodging more punches now with his own movement. Right hook in close by Darchinyan. Blood is coming from the cut by Vic's eye now. Quick left by Darchinyan as they feint. Agbeko gets hit with something and Agbeko goes to a knee. The ref calls it a knockdown and administers a count to a standing Agbeko.

Franchise: 10-8 Darchinyan

Round 8

Interesting sequence as replay showed Agbeko did get hit but also got shoved. Clubbing left by Vic. He's scoring a little better now but Agbeko's rights are also landing. Darchinyan tries hooks with both hands. Agbeko smashes home two rights and a left hook and Vic stumbles a bit. Both men score in the center of the ring. Right to the body by Vic is low, and the ref gives Agbeko time to recover. Wild brawling both ways right to the bell.

Franchise: 10-9 Agbeko

Round 9

This isn't one for the purists with heads, elbows and forearms all coming into play. Vic eats a right and comes right back with the left. Bullseye with the left by Darchinyan. Agbeko goes to the body and tries the right again. Darchinyan scores with a left hook coming forward. He steps into a left to the body. Vic knocks Agbeko back as they trade.

Franchise: 10-9 Darchinyan

Round 10

Right hook by Vic opens the scoring. He smacks Agbeko with a right hook in the middle of an exchange. Both men land lefts and Vic ducks out. Left hook by Agbeko even as he's off balance. Blood coming from the right eye of Darchinyan as he got smoked by a left hook. Vic shoves Agbeko down and the crowd boos. More holding and roughing. Both men swinging away and each man absorbs some punishment. Tough round to score.

Franchise: 10-9 Agbeko

Round 11

The ref says Vic's new cut was caused by a headbutt. Vic shoves Agbeko again, and he looks like he may have been acting a bit as he goes down. Darchinyan not getting cheated with his left hands. Agbeko fights back with straight rights. They trade and then hold in the center. A series of short rights land from the champ.Left by Vic and he backs away. Jabs by Vic as he tries to get his left hand free. Lots of holding and the fans don't like it.

Franchise: 10-9 Agbeko

Round 12

The official scoring of this fight should be very interesting. It's possible it's up for grabs in the final round. Nice right by Agbeko. The ref has to step in and warns about headbutting. Another right by King Kong as Vic swings wildly. Left hook by Agbeko. Right-left by the champ and more wrestling. Darchinyan tries a flurry and Agbeko slips down. Short left by Vic with 40 seconds to go. Fists and heads are flying. Darchinyan tries for some late heroics, but we'll go to the cards.

Franchise: 10-9 Agbeko

Franchise: 116-111 Agbeko

The judges score it 116-111 and 114-113 twice, all for the winner... and still IBF bantamweight titleholder... Joseph "King Kong" Agbeko.

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Kirby said...

A very sad day for boxing as Arturo Gatti has passed away. I am thankful to have witnessed many of his fights in person. RIP Arturo you were a true warrior in the ring.

Anonymous said...

gatti was the man. caught him in person in AC. sold out, KO victory over Leija. was a great night for him. right near or at the peak of his fame.