Julio Diaz vs. Victor Cayo: Friday Night Fights Round By Round

It's time for the main event from the Seminole Hard Rock, with former lightweight titleholder Julio Diaz taking on undefeated Victor Cayo. It will be a step up in weight for Diaz, who was knocked out by Rolando Reyes in April.

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Cayo is 22-0 with 15 KOs. He is making just his second appearance in the U.S.

Teddy Atlas discusses the fact that Cayo has never been into deep waters with someone like Diaz. He thinks Julio should box and counter, while Victor will look to drag his foe inside to set up his favorite punch, the uppercut.

We're scheduled for 10 rounds and the fight is on.

Round 1

Diaz shows early movement while Cayo works his jab. Cayo has his hands a bit low most of the time. Diaz tries to figure out a way inside Cayo's long arms. Right hand by Diaz starts off a short exchange. Left hook by Diaz coming in. Nice right by Cayo in response. He shows quick hands with a two-punch combo. Cayo touches his man with quick shots as Diaz goes to the body. Close first round.

Franchise: 10-9 Cayo

Round 2

Cayo is giving Diaz a little trouble with his hand speed. Diaz shows patience setting up his right hand. Both men land in close. They fight pretty evenly in the center of the ring. Diaz lands a counter hook as he's getting hit. Cayo lands the last few nice punches of the round.

Franchise: 10-9 Cayo

Round 3

Cayo is landing right hands over Julio's left. They tie up for the first time and the ref lets them work out. Both men switch stances and try some southpaw. Cayo's hands are low but Diaz is not taking advantage. Nothing much but jabs landing right now. Cayo jumps in with an uppercut as they switch stances again. Diaz keeps up his body work in the closing seconds.

Franchise: 10-9 Diaz

Round 4

Body and head combo by Cayo, but Diaz fires right back. Left hooks by Diaz but Cayo comes charging forward. Cayo lands the right upstairs, but Diaz scores with a lepaing left hook. Diaz ducks his way in and shoves Cayo down to the mat. Julio has found something with the left hook. Cayo gets back to his right before the bell.

Franchise: 10-9 Diaz

Round 5

Cayo gets off first in this frame. Nice right hand lands and he hops back out of danger. Diaz fires a right hand and ties up. They move in close and both try to work. The ref has to stay busy as they tie up several times. Cayo throws more rights and tries to load up uppercuts. Cayo holds his own on the inside.

Franchise: 10-9 Cayo

Round 6

Diaz backs up to stay out of range. Both men land as the range closes again. Cayo flurries along the ropes and Diaz has to hold. Diaz goes downstairs but eats more shots to the head. Diaz walks in punching and Cayo responds with both hands. Nice exchange again as Diaz tries to bull his way inside. They trade at the bell, and Cayo probably took that round by throwing and landing more punches.

Franchise: 10-9 Cayo

Round 7

Diaz starts out faster this round. There's more punching and wrestling at close range. Both men dig in and trade punches. Diaz lets his hands go to the head and body. Diaz leans on his foe and takes several punches to the head. Left hook by Cayo and he avoids the return fire. Tight round.

Franchise: 10-9 Diaz

Round 8

Diaz hunts but can't trap Cayo along the ropes. Cayo potshots with his jab from range. He's being very evasive right now and timing his punches well. Diaz swings and misses with a few big hooks. Jabs both ways as Julio tries to get untracked. Nice left in the midst of an exchange makes Diaz stumble a bit.

Franchise: 10-9 Cayo

Round 9

Cayo waves his man in as they launch another exchange. Cayo easily jumps back away from more left hooks. He switches southpaw and then back again. Diaz takes a few punches leaning in. Now Diaz opens up, mostly to the body. Cayo comes right back with clubbing right hands. There's some nice work from both fighters as they stand toe to toe.

Franchise: 10-9 Cayo

Round 10

Three minutes to go, and Diaz needs to dig deep. Not much subtlety as they seem willing to stand and bang. Diaz lands a few downstairs and one to the chin. Cayo is undeterred and comes right back. Diaz works the body again. Neither man is fading and Cayo is still flashing the quick hands. They fight to the bell and it will be in the hands of the judges.

Franchise: 10-9 Diaz

Franchise: 96-94 Cayo

The judges score it 97-93, 96-94 and 98-92, all to the winner by unanimous decision, Victor Manuel Cayo.

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