Undefeated Weigh-In Report

Uatu does not like to indicate a prediction until after he watches the weigh-ins, just in case. An update will be posted as soon as it goes down.

Weigh-ins for fights like this are such great publicity.

No surprise. It's a packed house.

Large group of children in the stands doing the "Soulja Boy Dance".

Now that music is being drowned out by Brits.

Buffer goes for the easy pop with a call out to the UK.

Johnny Murray up first. And Martin ??? didn't understand the name.
Jimmy Campbell. Dean Harrison.
Lee Meager.
Those guys aren't weighing in. Apparently they are fighting tonight.

Buffer tells a joke that President Bush called in fear of the British Invasion and the White House being burned down the last time.

Bob Halloran on stage.
The Ricky Hatton Song chants have begun in earnest.
They said they were going to give the odds, and then Buffer said they aren't going to. Weird.
In the history of British Sports, the $ on Hatton is the largest in British Sports History per Buffer.

Sugar Shane takes the stage with JMM and B-Hop. And now Oscar, of course.

Joe Calzaghe on in the house and on stage. That Enzo guy is there too.

Hopkins is throat slashing, lifting his shirt, and showing his abs.

A Joe Cal song has broken out in the crowd.

As with a lot of boxing events, a lot of nothing is happening now. Hugs all around on stage though. God Save the Queen and other stuff in the crowd is going around.

Save some for tomorrow Hatton fans.

Wayne Newton and Helio Castroneves come out carrying belts.

Here's MAB.

More nothing...

First on stage - Hatton.
Affliction shirt. Very popular among fighters these days. Bucket hat. Warm up pants.

PBF aka 'Money'. It's official now apparently.
Dressy looking V-neck and pant ensemble. No jewelry that I saw.

Hatton ripped at 145. Instead of looking forward looks sideways and at Floyd the whole time.

PBF also very ripped at 147. Looks the traditional forward.

In each other faces. Get separated.

Posturing, flurrying, showing belts.

Hatton grabs the mic, swears to the crowd and leaves.

Good stuff all the way around. I would have liked to have seen Lacy and Manfredo though too.

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