Quick Tarver, Forrest, and Chavez, Jr. Thoughts

Uatu is a huge Tarver fan, but he realizes that Tarver is an older fighter, at least in age. Tarver-Lacy though would be a fight worth watching, and Tarver would have the advantage. Tarver - Dawson is a very difficult fight for Tarver, and in fairness to the Magic Man, Dawson is not exactly a household name.

Believe it or not, Forrest-Mayorga III would actually be worth watching. It is conceivable that a network would be willing to show it as well. Forrest - Oscar will probably never happen, but Vernon would have a great chance of winning. Forrest - Cotto would also be worth watching too, since Cotto is never in bad fights. Also not likely to happen.

If Chavez, Jr. is going to fight Alfonso Gomez next, then no one can complain that he isn't taking incremental steps up the ladder. Off the top of the head, he looks to be the best of the sons of the famous (Camacho, Hearns, McGirt, Paez Jr. etc...) although some of those fighters haven't had near as many fights.

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