Some Thoughts

Hatton - PBF is not going to be duplicated in terms of excitement in the promotion any time soon. It was the perfect storm of the undefeated, pound for pound number one, as the B side villian, flashy in fighting style and lifestyle, cocky and larger than life, against a foreign (to the US) hugely popular home town, blue collar brawler from a large industrial city who was also undefeated and well respected and ranked world wide - very down to earth and one of the guys. PBF-Cotto could be similar, but has less of a true international flair. No individual fighter has near the rabid following of Hatton. The weigh-in had more energy to it than a lot of championship fights have had. And when Hatton comes out to "Blue Moon" and the crowd sings along, that electricity is unbelievable. Uatu must admit he has become a huge Ricky Hatton fan after this fight. Not so much because of Hatton the fighter, but because of Hatton the attraction and spectacle. This is after not really caring much about him after the Urango, Castillo, and Collazo fights.

Skip Bayless on First Take on ESPN2 said he thought Mayweather was overrated. He said if you go down his resume, his wins weren't that great. Gatti was a shell, Hatton was too small. He said that Oscar was only for a payday and then suspiciously he became a promoter of Pretty Boy in his next fight. The Two Live Stews supported Mayweather and were at the fight. Or at least one of them was.

Per 610wip the new class of IBHOFamers was announced and Larry "the Easton Assassin" Holmes is in.

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