Undefeated: Mayweather-Hatton Undercard LiveBlog

We're wasting no time tonight with Wes Ferguson-Edner Cherry about to start and we're just a minute into the PPV broadcast. Cherry won the first time these two clashed - we'll see what goes down tonight. Hit refresh often for updates.

Edner Cherry KO6 Wes Ferguson

I'm inclined to dislike Cherry simply because of his high red socks. He got warned early on for punching after the ref had stepped in for a break. His trainer is upset with him already, telling him he lost the first round. He came out looking a lot more aggressive in the second round, but nothing decisive has happened through two.

Hatton shown on his way in, sporting his bucket hat. Meanwhile, it's never a good sign when Jim Lampley makes fun of Harold Lederman for calling the opener an interesting fight.

Miguel Cotto is on hand, looking all business. Or possibly bored, it's hard to say.

Ferguson goes down in the sixth - it was a pretty nice left hook by Cherry though it didn't look like it hurt Ferguson that much. Cherry tries to press it and get Ferguson out of there, but no dice. Late in the round, Ferguson gets tagged by another left hook and he's not getting up. His head really hit the mat hard when he went down - Emmanuel Steward says he shouldn't even be allowed to train for six months.

Floyd is shown chilling in the MGM Grand's "A" dressing room. Daniel Ponce de Leon and Eduardo Escobedo are up next. This is for the WBO jr. featherweight title, apparently.

Daniel Ponce de Leon UD12 Eduardo Escobedo

I love Kenny Bayless' line: "What I say, you must obey." Nice.

Escobedo actually tags De Leon with a couple of nice shots in the first round. He's moving and countering well.

Ponce gets a warning for hitting in the back and behind the head. He looked like he found the range a little better with both hands in the second.

The third round begins at a much faster pace and both guys look willing to trade. There's an ongoing debate over Escobedo's tactic of intentionally turning his back. As in, is it really Ponce De Leon's fault if he hits him in the back if his opponent is giving him no choice?

Larry Merchant just pointed out the Brits are unusually quiet because they don't care about this fight. Nice counter shots by Escobedo and it looks like Ponce can take some punches. If you combined the strengths of these two guys you'd have one hell off a fighter.

More goodness from the mouth of Merchant: it's been a bad night for pure boxers so far. And anything that happened before the broadcast doesn't count.

Steward thinks Ponce de Leon is cut. Those two right hands by Escobedo won't help. Escobedo goes down but it was obviously a slip, and is ruled as such. Ponce sure is committed to coming forward - hopefully Hatton is taking notes.

Through six rounds, Lederman has Escobedo behind five rounds to one. I think it may be closer but Ponce should be winning.

More discussion about Escobedo's questionable ducking tactics. And here come the Ricky Hatton chants from the crowd! Merchant: "Sounds like the Brits decided to entertain themselves since this fight isn't doing it for them."

Neither fighter has ever had a KO after the 8th round, so there's a good chance we're in it for the long haul now. I can't help but think that something Lampley said earlier may be right: he may have had a better chance if he was just the wild swinger he was a few fights ago. Now they're asking Lederman if Escobedo can be penalized for his ducking and turning away; Harold says he can.

Floyd gets his instructions. I've never really been sure why they show this since nothing interesting ever happens.

Lamps thinks Ponce de Leon is in good shape because judges tend to favor more aggressive boxers even if not all of their punches are landing. I'd say it depends on the judges. Merchant says these guys have sucked the life out of the arena.

And that's it. The announcers didn't like it, the fans didn't seem to like it, and about the only thing that happened is that the favorite didn't look particularly good.

Here come the scores: 115-113, 117-111 and 118-110 all for Ponce de Leon.

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