BoxingListeners - Hopkins on the Radio

Bernard 'the Executioner' Hopkins is about to appear on 610 WIP. Any interesting info will be passed along by Uatu.

Live from Vegas

Host has already called Floyd, "Merriweather"

Hopkins says: No way the Eagles should have gotten rid of TO or Garcia.

The Captain (McNabb) is not respected.

McNabb is a good person, good athlete, can compile good statistics but lacks the blood and guts, heart and determination to risk everything to be the best.

Some nice and inspirational thoughts from Bernard about him turning his life around.

Moving on to the Tarver fight.
When is enough, enough for Bernard?
When he doesn't feel like he needs to get up at 6am and run in sub-freezing weather.
Bernard says he has been blessed to be a defensive fighter. He has never taken a beating.
He's not in a similar class to say a Gatti, he took care of his body. He was a late bloomer. He didn't really begin to get his due until after the Oscar fight. With the partnership with Oscar, they are now the talk of the promoting world. Bernard at 42 is the new 32. It's clear he's not done.

Mayweather - Hatton
Fight will be won or lost because of styles.
PBF confidant enough to go "Dancing with the Stars."
Hatton has fought here multiple times now and has brought all of the Brits with him.
Bernard picks Hatton - UD 12, hard fight, lots of energy, lots of action, down to the final bell.
Host asks if PBF is really a bad guy?
Bernard can relate to the psyche because he too was the bad guy in fights and liked people writing negatively against him because it motivated him.

Short, but as always Bernard was a compelling guest.

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