Wladimir Klitschko-Eddie Chambers Undercard Live Blog

The Klitschko-Chambers undercard is underway from the ESPIRIT arena in Dusseldorf, Germany. Action has already commenced between Alexander Ustinov and Ed Mahone, with Ustinov comfortably winning the first three rounds.

About 30 seconds into Round 4, Mahone's corner throws in the towel. Nice catch by the referee who literally catches the towel coming from his left. Pretty boring stuff as Ustinov wins by TKO, taking his record to 20-0 with 16 KOs.

The next opponent for Vitali Klitschko, Albert Sosnowski, enters the ring. He talks about looking forward to beating Vitali on May 29 and having his next fight against Wladimir.

The announcer discusses how several Americans have claimed to have had a plan for coming to Germany and beating Wladimir but always find the reality tougher than the theoretical exercise. Some video is shown of Chambers doing his final training, and the announcer says he feels Eddie was a bit intimidated even at the weigh-in.

Weigh-in footage is shown of Travis Walker and Johnathon Banks. We're killing time until those two men hit the ring.

Apparently there are going to be fireworks during the ring walks for Klitschko and Chambers. European sites always pull out all the stops for big boxing cards, which is fun to see.

It's time for the last undercard fight as Travis Walker and Johnathon Banks make their way to the ring. Walker is from Florida but fights out of Houston and is 34-3. He has some power but got smoked by Chris Arreola in late 2008 after some moments in the early going.

Banks is 23-1, his lone loss coming to Tomasz Adamek in February 2009.

Walker is stalking Banks, trying to use his jab to set up something big. Banks has clearly superior footwork and is tricky to track down. Not too much of real consequence lands for either man in the first two rounds.

The announcer is correct in saying these rounds wouldn't be fun to score. Walker is the aggressor, but Banks' defense is blunting most of his attacks. Banks begins landing some nice left hand counters and is just missing with some right hands. Walker is bleeding just a tad from his nose as Round 4 comes to a close.

The fans are beginning to whistle to express their displeasure with the lack of sustained action. In the middle of Round 6, Banks connects with a right hand that has hm so off balance that he slips down, but Walker goes down from the force of the punch. Walker gets up but is clearly out on his feet, and the fight is over.

Banks wins by TKO in Round 6. Not bad when you can get the stoppage by landing just one serious punch.

Plenty of time until the main event, so there's more undercard action in the meantime. Next up is a heavyweight title between 31-14 Michael Sprott, who has fought some pretty good competition over the years, and 7-13 Werner Kreiskott.

Sprott ends this one early, knocking Kreiskott silly less than a minute into the action. Sprott wins by first round TKO.

We're going to taped action from the undercard with Domonique Dolton facing Omar Siala. Dolton is just 20 years old and hails from Detroit, and he is 5-0 in his young career.

Dolton looks pretty good in the opening round. His opponent is 11-10, for what it's worth.

Domonique has quick hands and isn't afraid to let them go in combination, though he isn't facing much return fire from Siala. His movement is also good considering his youth.

Siala gets hurt from a series of body shots late in the third, and the referee decides he's seen enough. Dolton wins by TKO.

More heavyweight action to fill the remaining time with Nenad Boravcanin taking on a late replacement, Johnathon Pasi. Boravcanin is 24-0 with 17 KOs.

Pasi is fairly game but Boravcanin is clearly out of his league. Boravcanin wins by stoppage in Round 2.

The announcer tells us we are about 10 minutes away from the main event ring walks. More weigh-in footage is shown. I'm signing off on this post and getting ready for the main event post.

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uatu said...

Is any of the announcing in English?

Nick Tylwalk said...

Yes, the announcing on the internet feed is in English because this particular feed is only available in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. The announcer is British, though I have not caught his name.