Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey: Weigh-In Report

The Pacquiao-Clottey weigh-in is live on various outlets around the internet. Michael Buffer is on hand right outside Cowboys Stadium. He just announced the presence of Antonio Margarito to lukewarm applause. Buffer says it will be about 10 minutes until the fighters come out for the two featured bouts.

It's an interesting set-up for the people who are at the weigh-in in person. A bunch of people (one would assume the media) are up close to the stage. Then there's an empty aisle with no people and a bunch of on-lookers in another tier a bit further back,

Rich Marotta and Darren Woodson are on hand for Top Rank. Yes, that Darren Woodson, the excellent former Cowboys safety. He's apparently a big boxing fan, and he gives his opinion on the development of Pacquiao over the course of his career.

Buffer calls the Stadium the "Eighth Wonder of the World." He introduces Jerry Jones for a quick bow.

Time for David Diaz and Humberto Soto to hit the scales. Diaz weighs in at 134 pounds. He looks like he's in good shape.

Soto weighs in at 134 1/4 pounds. He looks a little less cut than Diaz but still in great fighting form. They bring the fighters to the front of the stage to pose with the vacant lightweight belt for which they will be competing. They also shake hands.

Buffer brings out Robert Duvall for some reason. I love weigh-in time fillers.

You didn't think this was going to end without Jerry Jones getting a chance to talk, did you? He keeps it short, saying how proud he is to have boxing at Cowboys Stadium and thanking the fans.

Now it's time for a video package hyping the fight.

Bob Arum grabs the microphone to say his piece. He also thanks the fans and makes a prediction, in passing anyway, of a million buys for the PPV broadcast. He says the worldwide audience will be 80 million people, and I guess there's no way to really challenge that assertion.

Woodson hits the stage and gets the fans going for a second. Not surprisingly, there sounds like more Pacquiao fans are in attendance.

Down to business now. Buffer introduces the Grand Master first, followed by Pacquiao.

The challenger gets ready to step onto the scale first. Clottey weighs in at 147 pounds on the button. He is ripped as always.

Manny gets a lengthy introduction from Buffer and there is a throng of people around him as he makes his way out. Pacquiao weighs in at 145 3/4 pounds, and you never have to worry about him looking like he is ready to fight.

Arum steps in for the boxers to pose face to face. They certainly don't seem to have any personal dislike for each other as both of them laugh and joke around.

Woodson gets to talk to Clottey for a second. He's so soft spoken that it's hard to hear him give his answers. The gist is that he feels ready for the fight. Props to Woodson for asking about the visa problems of Joshua's trainer.

Weigh-ins for other fighters are proceeding in the background as Woodson tracks down Pac Man. Woodson asks about the various distractions, and though Manny says they aren't an issue, he immediately segues into talking about the after-party. He thanks the fans on his way out.

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