Lenny Zappavigna vs. Fernando Angulo: Round by Round

For the first fight, I will forgo the punch by punch.
This is a 12-round lightweight bout, live on Showtime.

Round 1
Uatu: Angulo 10-9

Round 2
Uatu: Zappa 10-9

Round 3
Very good action round. Trading with big punches both ways. Zappa got the best of it. He landed a few that wobbled Angulo.
Uatu: Zappa 10-9

Round 4
Another entertaining round towards the end.
Uatu: Zappa 10-9

Round 5
Uatu: Angulo 10-9

Round 6
Steve has Zappa up one round.
Uatu: Angulo 10-9

Round 7
Cut over Zappa's eye ruled to be from a punch.
Uatu: Angulo 10-9

Round 8
Steve has Angulo up one.
Time out to have a doc look at a cut over the eyelid of Zappa.
This nasty cut ruled to be from a butt.
Blood flowing freely.
Uatu: Angulo 10-9

Round 9
Point deduction to Angulo for holding and hitting.
Uatu: 9-9

Round 10
Deduction may have been more for hitting after the break than holding and hitting.
Thought Zappa was going to take this round. Angulo brought some heavy leather in the last minute to wobble Zappa a little and take the round.
Uatu: Angulo 10-9

Round 11
Steve has 96-93 Angulo.
Uatu: Zappa 10-9

Round 12
Uatu: Zappa 10-9, though it easily could have gone to Angulo.

Steve has 115-112 Angulo, and all three announcers said Angulo won.

Uatu: 114-113 Angulo
I believe Angulo won and I scored it how I scored it. 114-113 is giving Zappa the benefit of the doubt in 11 and 12.

The official cards are:

The winner by unanimous decision... Lenny Zappavigna!

Eh, it's possible that it was a draw, at best, for Zappavigna.

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