BoxingWatchers.com Boxer Power Rankings: March 2010

Since the boxing schedule is set to explode with bouts featuring top-ranked fighters over the next two months, this seemed like an appropriate time to update our power rankings. There wasn't a ton of movement among our top 10 since our last edition at the end of 2009 simply because only a few of those boxers have fought, and only Juan Manuel Lopez took on someone (Steven Luevano) who could be considered a truly accomplished opponent.

Making his first ever appearance in the rankings this month is Venezuelan sensation Edwin Valero. While our formula (which is described in somewhat more detail here) probably gives him more credit than one would like for his Japanese opponents with great but dubious win-loss records, Valero certainly qualifies for this list based on the three main criteria: staying active over the last three years, beating boxers with good records and winning decisively - in his case, always by KO.

Falling out is Felix Sturm. Don't worry Felix: Spartan117 still loves you!

On to the list:

1. Arthur Abraham - 26.13 - No changes for the man who has made the top spot in our rankings his home for quite some time. We'll find out in just a few weeks if Andre Dirrell can change that.

2. Juan Manuel Lopez - 24.16 - Juanma rebounded from some anxious moments in the late rounds against Rogers Mtagwa last October to look excellent in his victory over Luevano. Rumors have him headed to Yankee Stadium on the Miguel Cotto-Yuri Foreman card in June.

3. Edwin Valero - 20.00 - A nice round score seems fitting for this knockout machine. Valero has made no bones about his wish for a fight with Manny Pacquiao, which would be awesome but still rates as wishful thinking at this point.

4. Manny Pacquiao - 18.99 - Speaking of the Pac Man, my brother Uatu asked a fair question the other day: what do the commercials mean when they say Joshua Clottey is his "biggest challenge?" Perhaps it's height; the Grand Master is a tough, talented boxer, but he hasn't proven he rates with former Manny foes like Juan Manuel Marquez or Oscar De La Hoya.

5. Nonito Donaire - 18.60 - The Filipino Flash makes it back-to-back Pinoy boxers on this month's list. My personal wish is that a rematch with Vic Darchinyan is in Donaire's near future.

6. Celestino Caballero - 17.49 - Caballero is in danger of dropping out of the rankings soon due to inactivity. He hasn't fought since last August, and that was against somewhat questionable opposition in the form of Francisco Leal.

7. Kelly Pavlik - 17.46 - The Ghost loses some ground since the last list because one of his victories has moved outside the three-year window. His upcoming bout with Sergio Martinez will be his most difficult middleweight title defense in... well, ever, really.

8. Wladimir Klitschko - 17.07 - While Wlad certainly can't overlook Eddie Chambers, there's a more intriguing question on the horizon: might older brother Vitali fight him before retiring? The Klitschkos have always said they'd never do it, but never doesn't have the same meaning in boxing that it does elsewhere.

9. Tomasz Adamek - 15.94 - Adamek has looked pretty comfortable as a heavyweight so far, but neither of his fights in the division have come against top caliber foes. That will change in April when he takes on Chris Arreola in what could potentially be a slugfest.

10. Lucian Bute - 15.62 - No Super Six? No problem for Bute, who will stay busy by fighting the always dangerous Edison Miranda in mid-April.

The next 10: Felix Sturm, Vitali Klitschko, Andre Ward, Timothy Bradley, Robert Guerrero, Chris John, Carl Froch, Fernando Montiel, Vic Darchinyan, Paul Williams

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