Edwin Valero-Antonio DeMarco Live Round By Round Updates Tonight (Plus More, Weather Permitting)

The BoxingWatchers are all based in different parts of Pennsylvania. As you may have heard or read, we've had quite a bit of snow here over the past 18 hours. Quite a bit.

Is that going to stop us from bringing people with no access to Showtime live round by round updates of the Edwin Valero-Antonio DeMarco fight? Perish the thought!

I'm not sure who exactly is going to do it, but one of us is going to be posting to the main page starting around 9 pm Eastern tonight. Also on the card is Luis Carlos Abregu facing Richard Gutierrez, and we'll live blog that bout as well.

And who knows? If we're really lucky and the weather cooperates, maybe we'll be able to do the Tomasz Adamek-Jason Estrada fight too. No promises on that one though.

Get snowed in with live boxing updates and join us later tonight!

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