Round by Round: Yusef Mack vs. Glen Johnson

Live on ESPN2...

Round 1

Johnson starts as the aggressor. The ring looks very bouncy. Both men jabbing early. Mack throws a few left hooks. Johnson and Mack exchange. Johnson's rights look a little loopy or Mack is dipping away. Nice jab from Johnson. Good overhand from Johnson. Mack answers back. Close round. Both men had more moments than you usually see in a careful first. Could have gone either way.

Uatu: Johnson 10-9

Round 2

Early activity both ways. Not as much footwork and a lot of in-fighting. Both men are landing, Mack gets in a solid shot. Johnson stays coming foward and active. Too many punches to recount them all here. Uppercuts, jabs and hooks from angles from both. Both men are looking confident, in shape, and are there to win. Mack throwing faster combos. I don't know. Another near impossible round to score, but Mack landed a little more cleanly with his combos.

Uatu: Mack 10-9

Round 3

More of the same in Round 3. Johnson on the prowl. Mack moving with the feet more this round. Could he be tiring of the pressure? Or maybe he is just exploiting his speed advantages and limiting Johnson's chances. Teddy Atlas mentions that there is a slight change in Glen's favor this round. He lands a couple of hooks as Mack had his hands low. Johnson jabbing away. Johnson more active. I believe Mack is throwing a tad harder. Johnson's round.

Uatu: Johnson 10-9

Round 4

Hard to believe, but it's been over five years since Glen knocked out Roy Jones. Mack bobbing and weaving away in the corner. Atlas has it 2-1 Mack. They are slugging it out in the phone booth and the crowd gets loud. Johnson winging the body hooks. And again with two more. Mack is staying in the shell. Then he dances away. Johnson has him trapped again but steps away for space. Both men have slowed down with the output. Mack backs up to the ropes. Mack gets in a hard shot. Mack unloads and throws three haymakers. Maybe one landed. Johnson keeps the hands moving to the bell. The round had ups and downs for both men, and in action and activity. Hard to tell where this fight will go by the end. Will give the round to Mack based on the hard rights towards the end.

Uatu: Mack 10-9

Round 5

Atlas agrees with me that Mack stole it late. Mack comes out aggressive, active and throwing hard. He looks like a new man. Left for Mack. A little bit of a lull as the two men look at each other. Body work from Johnson. Atlas believes Johnson has lost a bit from his motor. Hard in-fighting both ways with combos. Nice right from Glen. Johnson doesn't seem to be overwhelmingly effective, but he was more active and had to have landed more as well.

Uatu: Johnson 10-9

Round 6

Johnson stays aggressive and chops and chops. Down goes Mack in the corner! Two minutes to go. Mack is backed against the ropes. Johnson is staying on him but is trying to keep space. Johnson has slowed already. Mack mostly in the shell. Johnson lands to the head. Mack back to the ropes. Mack gets hit with the straight right. Down goes Mack again! Mack gets up again. He is a little wobbly. Johnson lands a hook to the head, and Mack takes a knee! The ref waves it off. Johnson takes it!

Your winner by TKO at 2:21 of Round 6, Glen "the Road Warrior" Johnson

Interview to follow...

They joke about Glen finding the fountain of youth.

They ask about Glen's plan involving the right hand.
Glen says he was actually looking for the left hook to the body, but it wasn't working so he went to the right.

He says he started a little bit tight.

Atlas mentions to him about a spot where he may have showed his age.
Glen says it was a conscious effort, but he says he is getting a little bit old so he has to be smart.

Glen says Tavoris Cloud is tough and all action, but the fight would be explosive, and Cloud is the type of fighter he likes to fight.

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