Noreaga Name-Checks Chris Arreola

In one of my several alternate lives, I review music for HipHopSite.com (recently relaunched with a spiffy new look... peep it). Boxing and hip hop have a long history together, and it's always fun to catch boxing references in different songs.

It only took one review since the relaunch to find a fairly surprising one. In the chorus for the final track, "Pablo Doe," on DJ Green Lantern and Styles P's The Green Ghost Project, guest star Noreaga drops this line: "Hit hard like Arreola."

Is Victor Santiago Jr. a big fan of the sweet science, or did he simply write himself into a corner and need a word to rhyme with "pistola?" Is the Nightmare accomplished enough to have his name dropped in a fashion usually reserved for the Mike Tysons and Manny Pacquiaos of the world?

You make the call!

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uatu said...

There is an extensive connection between hip hop and boxing, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I imagine NORE is actually a big fight fan.