Live Urango-Bailey and Cloud-Woods Round By Round Updates Tonight

Friday Night Fights closes out its 2009 season with a bang tonight with two, count 'em, two title fights of the IBF variety. Juan Urango and Randall Bailey go mano e mano at 140 pounds, while Tavoris Cloud and Clinton Woods do the same at 175.

These fights are actually pretty easy to see, given that they're on ESPN2 in the U.S. and available to stream to your computer through SecondsOutTV.com elsewhere. Nevertheless, we know there are some people who won't be able to watch.

That's where we come in. Join me and Uatu (in his first appearance as a married man!) as we recap the action with live round by round posts out on the main page. Then you can hit refresh to see the latest. See how easy it is?

The fun should begin shortly after 10 pm Eastern time. Be here or be elsewhere!

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