Juan Urango vs. Randall Bailey: Friday Night Fights Round By Round

And away we go.

Round 1
Bailey trying for the huge right. Bailey circling constantly around. Urango comes out looking like Urango if you've seen his fights. Not surprisingly, Urango looks much fuller. Bailey falls, but it's no knockdown. Bailey gets in a chopping right. Now urango goes down, but it's not a knockdown. Both men are sort of flashing the jab and trying to land the big straight, but neither man gets close nor lands anything of consequence.

Uatu: 10-9 Bailey

Round 2
One couldn't be mad with a 10-10 first round. Lots of posing and manuevering minus the punching. These are two strong men with big punches but small outputs. Atlas predicts Urango will wear down Bailey. Discussion centers around the weakness of Bailey's jab. Urango is certainly trying to be aggressive. Urango gets in some nice body hooks. Bailey is moving less. Have to go with Urango.

Uatu: 10-9 Urango

Round 3
Urango does the inside thing again. Urango is actually somewhat counter punching there: waiting for Bailey to come in with the big right, then trying his wide combos. Bailey trying one and then leaving. Probably a sound strategy. Bailey gets two rights in. One wonders if Bailey can stay this active on his feet without getting the big shot in return from Urango. Left to the body from the Urango, right from Bailey.

Uatu: 10-9 Bailey

Round 4
At this point, it seems like anything could happen. It may very well come down to who lands that one fight-changing punch, or alternatively, who is in better shape in the cardio. Tie up immediately to start the round. Back to the inactivity from both. Bailey ties up. And again. Urango gets some inside work done, and Bailey ties up. Urango working some more. Urango constantly moving forward and Bailey gets out of there. Urango wings away wildly with Bailey on the ropes. Decent round.

Uatu: 10-9 Urango

Round 5
Bailey ducks and ties. Bailey caught a little off balance but keeps himself up. Not a damaging blow, but it did stumble him. Bailey throwing the right more early. Atlas has it 2-2 so far. Bailey looking good halfway through the round. More activity and more movement. Urango is missing more often. Will Bailey slow down later?

Uatu: 10-9 Bailey

Round 6
Graphic shows that Bailey is more or less ignoring the body. There's the big bomb! Urango goes down with 1:50 still left in the round. Urango is bleeding a lot as well. Bailey not jumping in. He's staying patient but still throwing big rights. There's another lead right. Urango looks more pensive. Bailey getting in one right and then circles away. Urango still trying. Bailey gets in some more strong shots.

Uatu: 10-8 Bailey

Round 7
Replays show a solid straight right after a next to nothing jab, as has been the pattern. Bailey also stumbled in the round and his glove touched the canvas, though the ref missed it. Would have been an even round. Not much going on in Round 7 so far. More of the same, but on the low activity end. Bailey back to tying up. Nice left from Juan. Bailey waiting around for rights and gets some in occasionally. Nothing much happened.

Uatu: Bailey 10-9

Round 8
Round starts out in familiar territory. It doesn't look like any adjustments are coming either way. Urango going to work on the body. Nice shots from both men. There goes the Bailey right as Urango moves in. And another. Urango gets one in of his own. A decent round for both so far. Left to the body from Urango. Could have gone either way, in my opinion.

Uatu: Urango 10-9

Round 9
Urango's trainer is Cotto's former trainer, Miguel's uncle. Urango comes out aggressive. He is trying, but Bailey escapes with no damage. And there's the bomb from Urango! Down goes Bailey with 2:11 to go. Here comes Urango. Bailey trying to grab. Down goes Bailey again! Bailey is trying to grab. Still 1:20 to go. Bailey ducking and grabbing. He is in full out survival mode. He is not throwing at all. Thirty to go. Bailey grabbing like a mad man. Urango trying to bomb. He's not going to do it.

Uatu: Urango 10-7

Round 10
Bailey grabbing early. Atlas only made the last round 10-8 and I have no idea why. So he has the fight dead even through nine, as he had an even round mixed in there somewhere. Urango going body and then head with the hooks. Urango trying to make the fight an inside fight. Bailey not giving up on the straight right at all. Urango full of confidence, and he hits Baiely with the left, then to the body, and down goes Bailey again! Urango coming on again. Gets in a nice overhand. Nice left from Urango. Bailey is wobbled a bit.

Uatu: Urango 10-8

Round 11
So maybe Atlas thought the second knockdown in Round 9 was a lighter knockdown, but if that type of knockdown from a punch would have happened in a round with no other knockdowns, would Atlas have chosen not to give Urango a point for it? I doubt it. I believe it deserved a point as well. Oh well. Bailey looking shabby so far early in 11. Atlas has Urango up two points. Urango coming forward and landing with more frequency. Bailey not landing with the right nor circling away any more. Bailey hits the canvas but not a knockdown for the second time this round. And the fight has been stopped! Bailey's corner stops the fight! It's over!

Very fun fight, credit to both men. I always enjoy seeing Bailey fight, and it's tough to see him lose this one. He gave it his all.

Urango is emotional after a hard fought victory. He overcame the big right, and a swollen eye. He showed a lot of heart tonight too.

The winner by TKO at 1:51 of the 11th round... and still IBF light welterweight titleholder... Juan "Iron Twin" Urango!

Urango said he was hurt in the first couple of rounds but he had to keep going.

Urango wants Timothy Bradley, which I would like to see.

His eye is looking fairly nasty right now. Not the worst I have ever seen, but not a lot of fun either. Quite swollen and a pronounced gash too.

And I'm out.

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