A BoxingWatchers Wedding, Or Why We're Not Covering Any Boxing This Weekend

Yeah, there's a lot of boxing going on this weekend, and we're not doing round by round posts on any of it. What gives, you might ask?

Well, it just so happens that our very own Uatu, the most knowledgeable and mysterious of the BoxingWatchers, is tying the knot this Saturday. Since we're all brothers, we'll all be there.

So as we wish Uatu all the best in his new, married life (and hope Mrs. Uatu likes having lots of boxing on the tube), we hope you enjoy the fights, and we'll get back to posting on Monday or Tuesday.

Posted by The Franchise


Jayson Deuna said...

Hey guys!

Dropped here, hoping to get a blow-by-blow report of the Pinoy Power Card..

It's Ok though.. Best of luck to Uatu!! Congratulations.


Nick Tylwalk said...

Thanks Jayson! It was a mice wedding and I was glad Uatu decided to let us be a part of it.

We'll be back in service this week, except for the newly married guy, who will be honeymooning for a bit longer.