Live Round By Round Updates Tonight: Judah-Clottey

So many questions to answer on HBO tonight. Questions such as:

Is this really Zab Judah's last shot?

Does Josh Clottey really want to win the right to get beat up by... I mean, take on Antonio Margarito for a second time?

Wouldn't it sound better if it was "Super" Zab Judah instead of Zab "Super" Judah?

That last one's always bothered me... Anyway, if you can't catch the fight on TV tonight, join Spartan117 here on BoxingWatchers.com for live (and fast!) round by round updates as Judah and Clottey collide.

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uatu said...

That sonds like a good topic for a future poll. Zab "Super" or "Super" Zab?