Round by Round: Dimitri Kirilov vs. Vic Darchinyan

Round 1
Kirilov shows movement. Straight lefts from Vic multiple times. Big round for Vic.
Uatu: Darchinyan 10-9

Round 2
Vic jabbing more this round. Lots of Vic offense. Vic is raking body and head.
Uatu: Darchinyan 10-9

Round 3
More big shots from Vic.
Vic out-throwing and out-landing by a wide magin. Kirilov got in his first big shot after a Vic flurry. Vic's left landing almost at will.
Uatu: Darchinyan 10-9

Round 4
Kirilov doing better now. Possibly he weathered the storm. Vic doing his usual rough-housing, pushing, bullying and tossing.
Uatu: Darchinyan 10-9

Round 5
Kirilov finally gets toppled. Down he goes! It wasn't too vicious. Vic pressing hard now. Really trying to close the show. Dimitri goes down again! This time he doesn't beat the count.
Darchinyan wins by KO!

The Raging Bull raged the entire fight.
It was a very impressive performance. Kirilov never had a moment to breathe and Vic began, continued, and finished with nothing but hard shots that landed regularly.

Post-fight, Darchinyan says he is looking for unification.

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