BoxingWatchers Live on the Scene: Broadway Boxing

Uatu crawled out of his mother's basement to take in the Broadway Boxing Show at B.B. King's in Times Square.

B.B. King's is a surprising yet great venue to watch fights. There are no bad seats. Everyone, including those in standing room, can easily see the action. The bar is immeditately behind the rows of seats, and there were probably only six rows. As a paying customer with a ticketed seat, the only person with a better view was the ref. And these tickets aren't in the thousands of dollars range like a casino fight, the tickets were very affordable.

The evening was conducted at a brisk pace. There were no lulls or pauses between fights. As soon as the previous fight ended, no more than 5 minutes or so elapsed before the next began.

Adding to a great atmosphere were the fans. Especially raucous were the fans that backed Joe Moore. There was a large Irish contingent in the crowd chanting soccer chants and waving a flag during his fight. Slightly disappointing was the fact that the crowd adopted the "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" melody most famously used for Ricky Hatton and altering the lyrics for Moore. Personally, Uatu would like to see that chant reserved for Hatton.

As far as the fights go, they were filled with action and there were some decent scraps. Dat Nguyen won by majority decision, letting you know that he was in against a fighter that had come to win. Moore too won his fight by decision. The main event was very short, as Randall Bailey won by KO from a vicious body shot in the opening seconds of the first round. All in all the fights were fun especially with how close the action is to the fans.

As a fan it also a treat to see some famous fighters walking around through the crowd like normal fans do. No entourages, no bad attitudes, just regular people. Some of the DiBella fighters were in attendance, as Uatu saw Paulie Malignaggi and Andre Berto. Not sure if he is a DiBella fighter but Kermit Cintron was in the crowd. Uatu also thought he saw Chazz Witherspoon too, but he is unsure.

So, the bottom line is that it was a great night. It is a must attend for anyone who is a big time fight fan.

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