Wednesday Night Fights - Brian Minto vs. John Poore - Uatu gets personal


Despite the constant criticisms of bloggers being nothing but armchair quarterbacks who criticize from afar and never leave their mothers' basements, Uatu has actually been out of the house on rare occasions. Many years ago, Uatu made his first endeavor to learn how to box. He looked up random boxing gyms on the internet in his area and found one close to his place of employment. He was quite nervous about the whole experience. Once he started to go somewhat regularly, he started to know the other regulars a little bit, but not much more than to say hello. One of the professionals there training and sparring would end up being a fighter in tonight's main event, none other than Big John Poore.

To say that Mr. Poore was nice to Uatu would be a gross understatement. Uatu would jump rope and hit the bags and watch the sparring, but was not much more than a gawker and a complete novice. Even with that being said, Poore would always not only acknowledge Uatu, but would always make sure to greet him and say hello using Uatu's name every time. John was clearly the best and most important fighter at the gym, and he could have brushed Uatu off every day if he had wanted to, but he did not.

Uatu would also go out to the nightclubs to watch fights, and there Poore was well known and a bit of a celeb. Even out in a public setting, Poore would still say hello to Uatu.

Eventually, Poore would have a major fight in Philadelphia, and after that fight he took some time off to recover. Uatu's job would switch locations, and he could no longer make the business hours and had to leave the gym.

So today, it is doubtful that Poore would even remember or know who Uatu is any more. But Uatu will always remember him. So, in the odd chance that Poore would happen upon this site, a hello, thanks, and good luck goes out from BoxingWatchers to him. And in his honor, Uatu will be covering tonight's fight.

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