BoxingWatchers.com Boxer Power Rankings: June 2008

Yes, it's actually July now. But since June had fights all the way until the end of the month, we had to wait until the month was completely over to see how everything shook out.

Remember that this is not a pound-for-pound list (in which case Manny Pacquiao would be number one), but a reflection of how well each boxer has done over the past three years, taking into account how active he's been, how decisively he's won and the winning percentage of the opponents he's faced. Granted, that doesn't always mean the opposition is good (ahem, European boxers!), but sometimes it's the best objective measure we've got.

In any case, on with the show:

1. David Haye - 24.15 - He's got a date picked out for his heavyweight debut but no opponent as of yet. We're definitely anxious to see if he can get it done against bigger foes.

2. Kelly Pavlik - 23.03 - Put on a clinic against Gary Lockett, for what it's worth. The Ghost is well on his way to becoming one of the sport's biggest stars.

3. Miguel Cotto - 22.07 - It seems like it's taking forever, but his showdown with Antonio Margarito is almost here. Gather your friends for that one and show them what boxing is all about.

4. Arthur Abraham - 20.96 - Answered some questions in his rematch with Edison Miranda. Unless Pavlik moves up in weight, their paths should cross some time in 2009.

5. Manny Pacquiao - 20.61 - Pacman easily handled his first fight at 135. If he faces Edwin Valero later this year, it could redefine the term "explosive."

6. Wladimir Klitschko - 19.00 - Wlad's fight with Tony Thompson comes on in the afternoon here in the Eastern U.S. So I guess I should thank him for giving me something to do on a Saturday afternoon.

7. Israel Vazquez - 15.13 - Still no word on the next fight for Magnifico.

8. Chris John - 15.05 - Every month that goes by adds to my streak of not seeing John fight.

9. Nate Campbell - 13.67 - I'll be kind of conflicted in September. The Galaxxy Warrior has become a BoxingWatchers favorite, but I'm a fan of Joan Guzman too.

10. Juan Diaz - 12.87 - The Baby Bull also returns to action in September. His fight with Michael Katsidis should be entertaining.

The next 7: Antonio Margarito, Joe Calzaghe, Ricky Hatton, Samuel Peter, Cristian Mijares, Nonito Donaire, Paul Williams

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