Round by Round: Torres v. Holt II

Tonight's fight is a rematch with bad blood between Ricardo Torres and Kendall Holt. The first time they fought - in Torres' home country of Colombia - the crowd got rowdy, throwing trash and beer cans in the ring. Torres won by TKO. Holt complained that the fight was stopped early.

Tonight they are meeting in Las Vegas, so there will not be any hometown bias for either fighter.
Rd 1: Torres starts swinging first. Torres lands a bomb early and Holt goes down. He jumps up and says he's fine. Holt get clocked again with a left hook and falls again. Again he jumps up and says he's fine. The two fighters are swinging extremely hard. Holt lands a ridiculous straight right and Torres falls motionless, slumped on the ropes. He's completely out. The fight is over after less than a minute and a half.

The winner by KO at 1:01 of the first round... and new WBO junior welterweight champion... Kendall Holt.

Holt says "I don't back down, I lay backs down". He says he was fine after he was knocked down both times. He says he worked hard on his punches that knocked out Torres. He said he trained hard for this fight and he's glad it paid off.

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uatu said...

From The 2005 Sanyo- Sounds Like A Great Fight To Catch OnDEMAND. lots of action and a small time commitment