Minto vs. Poore - ESPN2 Wednesday Night Fights

Here We Go

Round 1
Teddy thinks this fight might not be competitive. Minto more active. Decent Minto jab. Big right from Minto. Poore goes down! Minto attacks. Minto lands a big left hook. Poore in trouble in the corner. Poore down a second time. Poore down a third time. The fight is over. Ref waves it off. Poore took some big shots, but he appears ok post-fight as the doc checks him over. BoxingWatchers of course hope all is ok with Poore.

Minto as the hometown hero gets major applause. He had said before the fight that out of the crop of the young heavyweights like Thompson, Arreola, Johnson and others, that he was the best. He hopes to get a better shot before they do, and had hoped to use this fight as a springboard.

Post-fight Minto says that he just tried to stay relaxed. He feels he fits right in with the young heavyweights. He's looking for a big fight. Minto says his skills are improving and his conditioning is paying off.

Teddy asks him about his smaller size. Minto says he has to use his short height to his advantage.

Uatu still supports John Poore and wishes him the best.

Saunders wins over Karpency.

James Lubash beat David Cook by unanimous decision.

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