Round By Round: Ricky Hatton vs. Juan Lazcano

The introductory segment explores how much Ricky Hatton may have left in the tank and what we might see tonight that's different than what we've seen from him before. It sure sounds like The Hitman's career may be winding down. Hatton says he hopes his best is yet to come, but saying and doing are two different things.

Oscar De La Hoya is on hand as co-promoter. He says Hatton may have about six fights left. He also speaks a little bit about recovering from a loss, and he guarantees he'll beat Floyd Mayweather when they officially sign to fight again.

Juan Lazcano comes to the ring, playing up his heritage with a sombrero. Michael Buffer introduces Hatton, and the sight of so many fans filling the stands in Manchester certainly is a spectacle. A short Ricky Hatton song plays, then The Hitman emerges to his customary "Blue Moon."

The tale of the tape shows Lazcano with a height advantage and a big edge in reach, but he is older and has been inactive for 15 months. Russell Watson handles "God Save the Queen" before we get down to business. The introductions are done and we're ready to go.

Round 1

Chants start immediately as Hatton comes forward. They wrestle back to the ropes. Hatton works the body on the break. Lazcano shoved back, then Hatton walks into some shots. Ricky jabs his way in; Hatton may be bleeding from the nose already. Ricky throwing the jab but missing the follow-up shots. Double lefts by Hatton coming in.

Franchise: 10-9 Hatton

Round 2

Ricky comes out with more fire and he's landing better early on. Lazcano tries to jab but gets whacked to the body. It's actually pretty even on the inside on the clinch. Hatton slips in a right to the head as they tie up. Lazcano is scoring with the jab but needs something to go with it. Multiple jabs hit Hatton though he keeps coming. Body shots and a left upstairs by The Hitman.

Franchise: 10-9 Hatton

Round 3

Hatton goes down early but it's an obvious slip and called that way. Nice 1-2 to the head by Ricky; Lazcano sneaks in an uppercut. Left hook and another by Ricky. Hatton gets clocked coming in and Lazcano tries to follow to the body. The ref warns Ricky for hitting behind the head. Hatton still digging to the body but he's getting hit repeatedly in the head. That was a close round that could have gone either way.

Franchise: 10-9 Lazcano

Round 4

Hatton hooking to the body and head and walking into some return fire as his head snaps back. Lazcano landing multiple punches to the head and body. Now Hatton turns it on and lands to the head and body. Right hand to the body followed by left hooks to the head as The Hitman looks better in this round. Lazcano still surprisingly effective when they tie up.

Franchise: 10-9 Hatton

Round 5

Lazcano in danger of just being overwhelmed by Hatton's continuous pressure now. Hatton still letting go with body shots with both hands; Lazcano using an uppercut in close. Right to the body and left to the head by Hatton. Now Lazcano digs in and throws a flurry in the center of the ring. Nice uppercut by Hatton followed with a left hook. They stand and trade along the ropes.

Franchise: 10-9 Hatton

Round 6

Lazcano's corner wants more movement. The ref warns Juan for low shots. Hatton goes right back to work to the body and head. An extended clinch seems to frustrate Hatton. Lazcano throwing short uppercuts inside. Nice left hook upstairs by The Hitman. Good exchange in the center and both men get hit. Good action both ways as the round ends.

Franchise: 10-9 Hatton

Round 7

Sharp left early on by Ricky rocks Lazcano. Both men find the range as they fight with Juan's back against the ropes. The announcers think Ricky needs more head movement, but when doesn't he? Now Lazcano comes forward briefly. Hatton flurries and then ties things up. Multiple lefts and a right hand to the head by Ricky.

Franchise: 10-9 Hatton

Round 8

Hatton showing some fire right out of the gate; the announcers think Lazcano may have said something to him between rounds. Right uppercut knocks Lazcano back. More in-fighting with neither man getting a big advantage. Possible low shot may have dazed Ricky. Lazcano turns it on, sensing he may have his foe hurt. Now Ricky comes back firing as Lazcano may have temporarily punched himself out. Repeated hooks landing to Juan's head, but that round may go to the challenger.

Franchise: 10-9 Lazcano

Round 9

If he was hurt, Hatton not showing it now. He's still throwing body shots and getting hit in the head in return. Lazcano comes forward and is firing more than he was earlier in the fight. Hatton batters Lazcano back to the ropes and the announcers say his right eye may be swelling. Left hook by The Hitman and they tie up. Hatton scoring with both hands but also swinging and missing some. Right hand by Lazcano answered by a Hatton left.

Franchise: 10-9 Hatton

Round 10

Both guys charge in and they wrestle a bit. They both eat some leather going back into the corner. The ref checks Lazcano for something; he's cut and the ref says it was caused by a punch. Lead right lands for Hatton and he works the body. Lazcano scores with two big lefts and Hatton looks dazed. The ref stops it and sends the men back to their corners. It looks like Hatton's boot was untied, quite the break as he looked like he may have been in trouble.

Franchise: 10-9 Lazcano

Round 11

Hatton looks okay for now and scores with a right. Another nice right upstairs. Doesn't look like Lazcano can follow up on his success from last round. Uppercut inside by Hatton and the ref warns both men for grabbing. Ricky goes back to the attack but Lazcano is weathering the storm. Roughhousing inside and the ref is busy now.

Franchise: 10-9 Hatton

Round 12

The fighters touch gloves to start the final round. Lazcano is trying to go for broke but there are too many clinches. Hatton backs him up and goes to the body with both hands. Ricky's aggressiveness should carry him to this victory but Lazcano certainly was game. Left hook by Hatton and another left behind it. Juan looks to be out of gas as the final seconds tick away.

Franchise: 10-9 Hatton

Franchise scores it 117-111 for Hatton. The judges score it 120-110, 118-110, 120-108, all to the winner by unanimous decision, Ricky "Hitman" Hatton.

British officials won't let a camera in the ring for a post-fight interview; that's apparently against the rules in England. Hatton grabs a microphone and addresses the fans who haven't filed out yet. He thanks them for their support and one final chant gets going.

Wally Matthews finally catches up with Ricky outside the ring. He says he wanted to box more, but he admits he made it exciting as usual. Hatton also says fighting in front of so many fans was a big plus but also made him nervous. Ricky feels like he had Lazcano in trouble with his boxing skills but left himself at risk trying to take advantage. He also admits he was hurt in the tenth round.

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